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ChiBurst Discussion thread

Energy management

Not completely unrelated to my first point of comparing RSK and BOK. How do we spend energy in legion? At least let’s have a look at single target.

Base energy regen is 10 per second, amplified by haste %. All major spells (RSK , FOF, SotW) see their cooldown reduced by haste by the following rule: Actual cooldown = base cooldown *( 1 / ( 1 + haste%) ). With 25% haste, you’ll gain 25% energy regen and reduce cooldowns by 20%, therefore maximum number of casts is amplified by 25% too.

First, I’ll note that I’m aware that with lower cooldowns, it becomes harder to stick to them perfectly. It’s easier to have RSK kept on cooldown and FOF kept on cooldown when they have 10 seconds and 25 seconds cooldowns than when, during bloodlust+Trinket+berzerk, they could have respectively 5 and 13 seconds cooldown. Let alone during serenity… Therefore, with more haste, I’m aware we’ll be missing out on some RSK cooldowns by a bit.

Lets add it up:

  • 10 energy per second, 600 per minute; that’s 12 jabs, so 24 chi generated per minute if no energy goes to waste.
  • Energizing elixir will grant you 4-6 chi depending on how well you manage to use it, not amplified by haste.
  • Ascension will grant you 90 energy per minute, let’s round it up to 4 chi generated.
  • Since Energizing elixi doesn’t get affected by haste, let’s assume the average player gets Ascension and gets 4 chi + haste value.

At 0% haste, you’re sitting on 28 chi per minute. What about spenders?

  • RSK can be cast 6 times per minute
  • FOF can be cast 2.4 times per minute
  • SotW can be cast 1.5 times per minute.

That’s a grant total of 22.2 chi used per minute, leaving you with less than 6 chi if you waste few resources. That means with little/no waste, you’re casting 6 RSKs per minute, and 5-6 BOKs per minute if we assume RSK >BOK.

What about T19 2-Piece bonus? It reduces RSK cooldown by 2 second before haste is applied (if it works like the similar MOP bonus on FOF cooldown). This means we can do 7.5 RSK per minute, and use 25.2 chi on RSK/FOF/SotW.

Here’s were I find it awkward: add in Combo Breaker‘s 8% chance times 12 jabs and you get your average minute of fight (at 0% haste):
7.5 RSK, 2.4 FOF, 1.5 SotW, and 3 BOK (one from combo breaker). 12 jabs, 4 chi waves come in to fill this rotation. That’s about 30 actions per minute with no haste, with 20% haste and taking FOF‘s cast time into account we’re up to 45 seconds of activity, which leaves some room for bloodlust and so on. That’s fine.

What bugs me though is the spot BOK has in the rotation. With perfect gameplay, on 20% haste, you’d use BOK 4 times per minute and use chi waves to ensure you keep Mastery: Combo strikes up. With some messing up, not casting RSK perfectly on cooldown, you end up using BOK half as much as RSK. That’s a new thing for WW’s.

First issue is that BOK becomes sort of a “trap” button. You removed tiger palm combo breaker because you don’t want people to have a proc they don’t want to use because it’s weaker than the rest of the kit? Well, that’s what BOK has become. You can be sure 99% of windwalkers testing it at the moment, and 99% of those who’ll play it on launch, will not be completely aware of this little calculation unless a couple people advertise it a LOT, and will assume BOK is their bread and butter again. Truth is, each time they press that button, chances are they’ll be delaying either RSK , FOF or SotW, within 15 seconds, losing some damage. How many players testing WW’s have I seen go BOK->TP->BOK->TP to build up some chi for FOF/other cooldowns? How many have I told “you’ve just used half the BOK‘s you are allowed to use this minute, don’t do that unless you’re setting up for SEF or something”.

TL;DR: if RSK >BOK, correct rotation uses BOK 4-5 times per minute, depending on haste. People using BOK without consideration will not have enough chi to cast their relevant spells. Also, we’re using RSK twice as much as BOK with T19 2PC.

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