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ChiBurst Discussion thread

A bit reminiscent of Part 1, but lets look at all spells and disregard artifact traits for now:

BOK: 325% of AP, used 5-ish times per minute without T19. Total: 1625% of AP
RSK: 750% of AP, used 6 times per minute without T19. Total: 4500% of AP
SOTW: 1500%+1500% of AP, used 1.5 times per minute. Total: 3375% of AP
FoF: 2500% of AP, used 2.4 times per minute. Total: 6000% of AP
WDP: 1080% of AP; used 2.4 times per minute. Total: 2592% of AP
Grand Total: 18000% of AP

This showcases how little impact BOK has in the overall damage. SOTW will do twice as much in a couple casts per minute. I’m glad SOTW feels relevant: at 3 chi and 1125% of AP, it was too awkward to use on cooldown because it would mostly just mess up FoF usage. At 2 chi, it’s really smooth as a “super RSK“, with big enough of a cooldown to allow us to delay it for SEF/burst AoE/others, maybe it’s a bit too strong all of a sudden still.
FoF is hitting harder than anything; it’ll have on average 4-5 stacks of transfer the power, crosswinds, so its damage will easily be amplified as much as RSK/BOK will from artifact traits.

Other issue: to this 18000% of AP, we’ll be adding chi burst/chi wave 2/4 times per minute, melee hits, potentially xuen… However considering chi burst damage will AOE anyways, making up for melee hits, we have 6000+3375+2595= 12000% of AP, aka two thirds of our skill damage, which deals AoE damage. This is extremely concerning considering this was just ST rotation with WDP instead of serenity/chi orbit. WW has many AOE tools, we’ll get to that; if the base single target rotation already has half its damage in the form of instant bladestorms (because, let’s face it, SOTW doing 2250% of AP instantly in a cone is craaaazy compared to the rest of our kit), then balancing is in trouble.

TL;DR: Few important casts (FoF, SOTW, WDP) add up to a huge amount of cleaving damage, rest is pretty irrelevant. At least TEB generation meant spending chi felt relevant out of damage windows.


EDIT: messed up with SOTW. As our dear Hinalover rightfully corrected me, it is based on weapon damage and not Attack Power. This doesn’t change too much in the issues I have otherwise.

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