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ChiBurst Discussion thread

On to SCK exclusively, since that’s apparently were things go messy, the only thing that’s truly different from the rest.

SCK is reminiscent of the infamous Fire nova mechanic from Enhancement Shamans. Lets compare:

  • SCK: deals 50% more damage to all targets per target tagged
  • Fire nova: deals 100% more damage to all targets per target tagged

This slight difference just makes it so that SCK always counts as if it had an extra target hit relatively (or as if you yourself counted towards flame shock spreads).

  • SCK: Short range, based on SEF spirits, which may be traveling around
  • Fire nova: glyph‘ed, crazy range


  • SCK: Spreads to 3 targets max per GCD used on it, spells which spread it require you to tab to be relevant
  • Fire nova: Spreads to 6 targets per GCD used on it, with a relevant spell, while never tabbing away from main target

Also, admittedly the most awkward part of enhancement AoE was to precast searing totem and liquid magma; rest was just to tunnel vision Fire nova from 3+ targets. SCK‘s balance is a bit more awkward, longer to set up, at the cost of other AOE tools…

I’m not making a judgement on the ability, I neither like or dislike it, I’m more concerned about what most players will make out of it, and it’s place relative to our single target “AOE” spells. Fire nova was not necessarily a good mechanic; most Enhancement players enjoyed it, most other players were fine with it, but the class kinda became “you’re going to be bad on single target because as soon as 4 targets are up for more than a few seconds, no one can compete”. I’m aware their damage, post buffs in 6.2, is excellent single target, and that it’s not the first time in WOD they are doing well, but still I’m concerned about that mechanic.

Also, as soon as SEF is down, SCK becomes a mess to keep up; no way to tab directly to oldest target tagged, hard to tab+keep up perfect SCK rotation, … AoE will most of the time either be very short, too short for SCK to take effect, or long enough that it’ll last more than 15 seconds and you’ll end up lost with how to deal with SCK.

TL;DR: once again, I’m concerned WW has too many conflicting AOE tools in its kit, making it crazy good at AOE and crazy bad at single target to make up for it. Numbers tuning has not started, yet in raid testing that’s the feeling I was getting. Although I was probably more up to date on my class’s changes and numbers than anyone in my raid and tested with rather optimal haste and mastery gear set ups, I couldn’t come close to competing on single target. That would be fine and be up to numbers tuning if I wasn’t also completely crushing on some AOE fights. I’m not concerned about WW’s numbers being low obviously; I’m concerned we’re facing the same situation we had during highmaul, where if our ST damage is fine then on any fight with slight cleave we’ll be gods, and nerfing one AoE spell will not change that because we have access to 6 different extremely relevant AOE spells.

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