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ChiBurst Discussion thread

Since I’ve reached the end of what I originally wrote during alpha, I thought I’d finally toss out my personal opinions on the state of things and many of the changes. There is still plenty I want to write about on legion and WW in particular, do not worry.

I like many changes for WW in legion; I like that the RSK debuff is gone, I like that the TP buff is gone. Those two were noob traps more than anything, misleading newcomers into thinking those TP procs were any good, or misleading players into thinking rising sun should be used every 15 seconds when in most cases it should be kept on cooldown.

I’ll miss tiger eye brew; I really enjoyed it when it was kinda low stacks generation, with average 60% uptime maximum; I still enjoy it with serenity to some extent. However, 60% was too much of a damage increase, making us hit like wet noodles outside of it, and like hurricanes during it.

I love new mastery. It’s mostly intuitive since obviously it affects almost all your spells baseline, but that’s fine; most classes get dull masteries anyways and don’t complain. Also, this gives WW a damage amp that affects spells and not melee hits/chi orbit/other dull stuff the way RSK debuff used to, making those less relevant, which I prefer.

I’m kind of lost on Whirling dragon punch. It looked like it was meant to be our burst AoE at first, but then FoF/Strike of the windlord started becoming way way way stronger AoE tools, then SCK happened, and now Whirling dragon punch is just a weaker tool with some condition on it. It looks cool, smooth and all though.

I want to test serenity with current iteration, but with alpha/beta server lag it was hard, also when I tried testing it there was still the RSK bug (where it doubled the cooldown instead of halving it). I haven’t spoken of it but I believe it has potential to be a very relevant spell for 2+ minutes fights. It’ll be very skill intensive and unintuitive probably, since the right choice will most likely NOT be to smash one button per GCD, but to channel FoF‘s during it and sometimes to wait 0.3 seconds to hit rising sun kick rather than instantly using BoK, however it looks pretty strong.

I love having crazy burst on opener. It’s a radical change from live, but it feels good: FoF finally feels like a cooldown, TOD feels pretty great, Strike of the windlord gives us that “wow” button which you press and see huge results out of it instantly. Feels way more proactive than live version.

I dislike SCK‘s changes because they make everything unclear about how to use spells, what to do on AoE, and it becomes a nightmare for AoE once SEF is on cooldwon.
If you are replacing TEB with SEF, then there is no reason to have main character deal reduced damage during SEF anymore. For WOD, each spirit dealt 70%/55% damage to avoid us abusing SEF on single target. However, this is not an issue anymore since we are going to use SEF on single target anyways in current iteration.

Please, pleaaaaase, pleaaaaaaaaase make SEF leave us at 100% damage and each clone deal 15% damage, adding up to 130% like tiger eye brew did, which is a very relevant damage amplification, tagging targets for SCK as easily, yet allowing less things to go wrong. It feels very bad when you have no idea where SEF is going, if you feel like you’re just nerfing your damage down for no reason.

Also, in pvp its easy to ice nova/mass entanglement the SEF spirits and deny a WW of 67% of his damage during burst. Dealing reduced damage because your closes are rooted would feel very bad for pvp players. At least at 100% / 15% / 15% it would feel like normal pets, feral wolves, stampede or something: you can CC them but the player himself keeps his damage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts. There will certainly be more as we get more information and changes closer to Legion. If anyone wants a specific topic adressed, leave a comment on chi burst and I’ll do my best!

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