Its been a few weeks since I posted the last round of sims that I’ve done. I finally found the time today to get some nagging questions answers. For those who do not know, Storm, Earth, and Fire reduces the damage of procs that do damage by 50% during the buff. Because of this, I wanted to test whether there was a drastic change between using Serenity or Whirling Dragon Punch for trinket and food rankings, and potion use.

Test 1: Trinkets

So the first things to test was whether there was a drastic difference between the power of trinkets using either talent.

Results: There was really no noticeable change. Some trinkets like Tirathon’s Betrayal were slightly better with Serenity than with Whirling Dragon Punch, but the difference was almost nothing. No trinket jumped up or down more than two places.

Test 2: Food

On a similar thread from the trinkets, my previous sims had shown Fishbrul to be the best food overall. Obviously there have been some changes, both to the spec and simply to the APL that we use, so I wanted to both run them again, and test if Serenity or Whirling Dragon Punch had an effect on the food.

Results 1: There was no effect on food choice between Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch  as you can see below. These examples are from Blood Elf, Patchwerk, 300s. Results were consistent between all fight types and races tested.

Note that the actual order of the secondary stat food is irrelevant, you will use the stat food of the stat you need the most. Its also important to note that the Agility feast isn’t as strong as some people may expect, which makes sense looking at the stat weights.


Results 2: The initial food recommendations appear to have changed. Today’s sims showed that Fishbrul is only strong for Non-Pandaren in single target, for multi-target and Pandaren, you want to use secondary stat food. All of these sims were done over 300s and using Serenity since the above tests showed no noticeable change between the talents.


As you can see in both instances, the differences in food are incredibly small, and in all situations I recommend not using the numbers as any indication of what DPS you can/should be doing as that wasn’t the intention of these simulations.

Test 3: Potions

Finally I looked at the potions, since they are very strong this expansion, and theoretically having them cut in half by Storm, Earth, and Fire would be a problem. I included the Draenic Agility Potion from Warlords because if the 50% reduction when using Storm, Earth, and Fire was major, it may have put that +1000 Agility potion to the top. I also wanted to test whether or not de-synchronizing the Legion potions from Storm, Earth, and Fire would be beneficial.

Results 1: The rankings for potions remained the same for Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch. Although you can notice that the gap between trinkets is very small using Whirling Dragon Punch, the Legion potions were still better. There was also no difference between the potions in single target or AOE situations.


Results 2: As I expected, de-synchronizing the Legion potions so that you don’t use it at the same time as Storm, Earth, and Fire was a gain over using them at the same time. This means that after the opener, if you’re using Whirling Dragon Punch, you typically don’t want to use a Legion potion at the same time as Storm, Earth, and Fire. You can see that desyncing them widened the gap between Legion and Warlord potions.


As you can see through all of these tests, the difference between many things are very small, so if you’re strapped for gold and can’t afford the best, the second best isn’t terrible.


  1. Storm, Earth, and Fire reducing the damage of procs negligibly effects trinket and food rankings. It has some effect on potions, but doesn’t change the rankings. It had an effect on the power of these things, but not very much.
  2. Pandaren should always use stat food, non-Pandaren should use Fishbrul Special on single target and secondary stat food on multi-targets. Use the secondary stat for whatever stat you need the most based on stat weights and stat gaps. Explained here and here.
  3. The Agility Feast isn’t stronger than secondary stat food. But not terrible.
  4. If using Whirling Dragon Punch, you want to use your second potion (after the prepot) separately from Storm, Earth, and Fire.
  5. Even if you use potions at the same time as Storm, Earth, and Fire, the Legion potions are still better than the Warlords ones.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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