Fellow theorycrafter, blog and guide writer, and all around awesome person, Binkenstein, has written a fantastic article, or series of articles, on how to use SimCraft to test out a bunch of trinkets for yourself. I recommend giving it a look over. Its specific to Mage right now, but you should easily be able to adapt it to your needs: Trinket Tip Tabulation.

I will also be adding a guide for How to Use SimCraft under Guides and will include some examples for how to find what you’re looking for. Look for that in the next day or two.


So a frequently asked question is always about the artifact Relics and how many item levels are worth dropping for a superior artifact trait. Since the original lists in the guides were done on AMR a few months ago, I thought I’d rerun them to see if any updating was needed. Turns out there were some changes, but they were very minor. Initially I tried just putting every relic into a list, but that was a little overwhelming and many changes are within the margin of error, so it was hard to get an average. So next step was to determine the average DPS increase from each additional weapon ilvl that a relic provides.

Single Target                      Multi Target

From these I determined that on average, 1 additional item level of weapon increases overall damage by roughly 0.08% for Single Target and 0.09% for Multi-Target.

Next was to sim the relic traits to see how much damage over the baseline each different trait was. I ran each relic trait through sims a the same item level.

Single Target                      Multi Target

Using the Light on your Feet perk as the baseline, since it doesn’t increase DPS at all, I determined the increase in DPS that each trait brings:

  1. Fists of the Wind: 1.19% (Single Target) 1.87 (AOE)
  2. Rising Winds: 0.86% (ST) 0.59% (AOE)
  3. Inner Peace: 0.66 % (ST) 0.55% (AOE)
  4. Tiger Claws: 0.36% (ST) 0.12% (AOE)
  5. Strength of Xuen: 0.20% (ST) 0.29% (AOE)
  6. Power of a Thousand Cranes: 0.07% (ST) 0.55% (AOE)
  7. Light on your feet: Baseline

Finally, I divided the DPS benefit of each trait and compared it to the benefit of Fists of the Wind in order to gauge how many weapon item levels a relic needs to have in order to beat Fists of the Wind.

  1. Fists of the Wind: Baseline
  2. Rising Winds: +4 (ST) +14 (AOE)
  3. Inner Peace: +6 (ST) +12 (AOE)
  4. Tiger Claws: +10 (ST) +19 (AOE)
  5. Strength of Xuen: +12 (ST) +17 (AOE)
  6. Power of a Thousand Cranes: + 14 (ST) +14 (AOE)
  7. Light on Your Feet: +14 (ST) +20 (AOE)

As you can see, this was slightly different from what we previously had theorycrafted, but not totally far off. Lots of the changes just come with increased gear and slightly different ratio of abilities, with abilities like Tiger Palm doing less of the overall damage due to attack power coefficients. There is also some normal variance when comparing these results from SimulationCraft to the previous ones from AskMrRobot.

The final caveat about these relics is that its very likely Strength of Xuen and Power of a Thousand Cranes are stronger in AOE situations than the sims would indicate. Strength of Xuen allows you an extra Blackout Kick that does cost Chi and can be used to tag targets without taking Chi away from Spinning Crane Kick. Power of a Thousand Cranes is likely significantly stronger than it appears on prolonged AOE encounters where Spinning Crane Kick is a larger portion of your overall DPS. This caveat is nearly impossible to quantify and depends heavily on player skill and how long you’re in an AOE situation.

The TLDR and Wordy guides have been updated accordingly.


I ran every trinket at every ilvl its available, in the similar format to what is already there. Because of the unimpressive power of my PC, it took the better part of two daysRather than spend an hour making it an image, I’ve uploaded it so that you can look at it and use the CTRL-F search function to find the trinket you want. Because the differences between some trinkets are smaller than the margin of error, some jostling is normal.

Single Target                     Multi-Target

As with all my other trinket sims, these are specific to the SimCraft profile and scenario used, which was the t19 Mythic profile over a 300s fight with 20% length variance. Because of this, these rankings may not perfectly reflect your character’s current situation or different fight scenarios.

There is also a new trinket format following what Binkenstein did for Mages. Nevarix, a Veteran in the Peak of Serenity Discord, saved me the days and hours of adapting Binkenstein’s Mage trinket spreadsheet for Windwalkers. So here it is, in all its glory. As with all trinket lists, take with a grain of salt.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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