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Q: Any word on Storm, Earth, and Fire changes for WW monks?

A: Yes there are mechanical issues we’re working on getting fixed for 7.1.5. If we don’t make that fix in time, the numbers will be tuned around those bugs. We’re also looking at cooldown interactions on Serenity. Some issues in reducing cooldowns but it wasn’t behaving symmetrically so we put a fix in. We are looking into bug fixes or buffing Serenity. The relative weighting in that row needs tuning.

This was largely the answer we’ve been looking for. Although it may come months after we first reported these questions, they’ve finally acknowledged the issues with Storm, Earth, and Fire and the change to Serenity. If you watch the video, they mention that the recent change to Serenity was actually a bug fix, as it was not working the way they intended. Obviously, for many of us, the bug made it much more enjoyable and easier to use, but at least it explains why they did what they did.

Q: Is the secondary stat “squish” going to affect some classes more than others?

A: We didn’t do great messaging with this. The newest step does increase the item budget despite the squish. You got extra int or strength to compensate for reduction in secondary stats. You will end up with a little bit less than what you have but this was intended to improve desirability of hither ilvl items across the board. 15 ilvl upgrade? You should be able to equip that right away. Lower than that, and you’re a min/maxer, then you’ll want to sim it. This should only result in a 1-2% loss in your secondary stats. Lots of numbers tuning still yet to happen. Overall we don’t want to nerf players. We don’t want to reduce your raid groups’ dps. We are pretty happy with balance on live right now ( Surrender to Madness notwithstanding) so we didn’t go into the PTR wanting to change that, more wanting to make itemization more intuitive.

Q: Secondary changes and Jewelry changes encourage stat stacking even more?

A: This isn’t necessarily intuitive. We flattened out how secondary stats scale over the expansion so you started with more. This made the end of the expansion overblow these, but also lower geared people had a rough time. As the expansion goes on, primary stat gains improve with budget. Obviously jewelry doesn’t have primary stat, so “an oversight on our part” is that jewelry didn’t scale as well at all. So what mattered more is that it had the right secondary stats for you or not. You’ll still want your best stat but a 20 or 30 ilvl increase will be more appealing. Large margins will be more obvious upgrades now. If this doesn’t jive with your spreadsheets, please send us the math.

These last two questions slightly effect Windwalkers as well. If you read my previous posts about the PTR builds, you will see that the stat conversion changes benefited Windwalkers overall, mostly because it did not hurt WW as much as it hurt other specs. Obviously Blizzard heard their cries and adjusted things to compensate. Basically the changes increased the value of primary stats on gear for everyone, so they buffed the amount of primary stats on gear for all gear above ilevel 800. Windwalkers already valued Agility above other secondary stats, so we will be less effected by these changes as well. Its unclear how everything will shake out in regards to how Windwalkers will stand compared to other classes, and there will undoubtedly be changes to numbers as we get closer to 7.1.5 being released.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read then please scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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