What happened?

So I’ll be upfront, I made a mistake, and I’m sorry.

Thursday, as I worked on my spreadsheet, there was something off about the relic recommendations from the relic tool on it, so we decided to check things out. What we found was that the initial way that I evaluated relic traits vs item levels wasn’t quite as complete as we had originally thought. The problem was that when I ran the previous sims, even the ones a little over a month ago to “verify if anything had changed“, I ran them in a artifact that only had 1 relic in, so a comparatively low item level. This was fine at the start of the expansion, but because the exponential scaling of artifacts got higher as people got higher relics, each additional item level has more of an effect, so the gaps between ilvl and traits gets smaller.

We have a private theorycrafting channel with a dozen or so top players and math people, and we all missed it. We knew something didn’t add up to the napkin math, but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. So in the process of finalizing my spreadsheet, which should be ready for 7.1.5, we figured out the issue.

How big of a problem?

Well, how much this effects you is dependent on how many choices you have had so far. If, like me, you’ve been very limited in your relic choices then you’ve mostly ended up with high item level, non Fists of the Wind trait, relics, then you wont be effected very much. If you’ve been very fortunate and have had a ton of choices, turning away high ilvl relics in favor of better traits, then you may be slightly more effected. If your item level is above the 880 mark, then you may be more effected than someone whose artifact is is 830.

In terms of the numbers, the single target recommendations in the guides were about twice what they are now, much closer to what the AOE recommendations will be now. Thankfully, because there are very few pure single target fights, and you shouldn’t have been adhering strictly to the single target comparisons, the difference isn’t huge, and may have actually worked out positively for a few people who were ignoring the AOE gaps and only doing the single target gaps.

So what now?

So I resimmed everything, this time with 3 traits. There will be some fluctuation in the worth of each trait depending on how many traits you have already. For example. adding a 1st Fists of the Wind trait will add more% of damage than a 3rd. There is also, as evidenced by my original mistake, variance based on the item level of your artifact. There is no one number fits all, and as with any other numbers gotten through tests, simulations, and theorycrafting, they are guidelines.

Remember, this is how many weapon item levels a relic needs to have in order to beat Fists of the Wind.

  1. Fists of the Wind: Baseline
  2. Rising Winds: +2 (ST) +8 (AOE)
  3. Inner Peace: +3 (ST) +7 (AOE)
  4. Tiger Claws: +5 (ST) +11 (AOE)
  5. Strength of Xuen: +6 (ST) +10 (AOE)
  6. Power of a Thousand Cranes: +7 (ST) +8 (AOE)
  7. Light on Your Feet: +7 (ST) +12 (AOE)

As with previously, the final caveat about these relics is that its very likely Strength of Xuen and Power of a Thousand Cranes are stronger in AOE situations than the sims would indicate. Strength of Xuen allows you an extra Blackout Kick that does not cost Chi and can be used to tag targets without taking Chi away from Spinning Crane Kick. Power of a Thousand Cranes is likely significantly stronger than it appears on prolonged AOE encounters where Spinning Crane Kick is a larger portion of your overall DPS. This caveat is nearly impossible to quantify and depends heavily on player skill and how long you’re in an AOE situation.

The TLDR and Wordy guides have been updated accordingly.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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