New to the game and want to be a Mistweaver? Told to heal for a tricky boss and you’re offspec healing? This is the quick guide for you! Longer version can be found here.


Note: This is a default build, other talents could be better depending on the fight

Pre Pull

During the Fight

Credit to Si and Arcanedew for the first version of this list, any questions can be asked in the Peak of Serenity discord server.

Noteworthy Gear

  • Drape of Shame – The 10% more healing on crit makes this cloak incredible for the Crit heavy gear Mistweaver is focusing on in raids. Beats out any other cloak in the game right now, except for a better Drape.
  • Infernal Alchemist Stone – Great trinket that we’re able to level up throughout the expansion. Excellent for managing mana.
  • Gnawed Thumb Ring – At a high item level, this is a very powerful effect to add to our kit, with excellent stats for us.
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