Much of this is outdated now, see the newest article(s) for up to date information.

As with the previous Path to 7.1.5 post, try not to draw hard conclusions from these sims. They’re simply steps in a process to get to the sims that we can start drawing conclusions from. These sims were not all done in order, so improvements may have been made in later runs that would have improved previous ones. These are all done for single target, so AOE will be easy to look at later.

Effect of Tier Bonuses – These bonuses are solid, but small compared to some other specs that are seeing 15% or more from their 4pc, so some tuning may need to happen somewhere.

WDP/Serenity and Trinkets – Trinkets may effect different talents differently.

Talents – Here’s the full list of talents.

Drinking Horn Cover and Convergence of Fates interactions – Since both effect Serenity and SEF differently, its good to see the interaction between their combinations.

Potions – A comparison of using any combination of potions as prepots and during the fight. 2x means using the same potion for both a prepot and during the fight.

Blood Elf food – Typically the top race, so the best baseline for comparing foods. Due to Fishbrul being a static damage, it will not scale as well with gear as stat food. As previously, the order of the stats isn’t as important as the stat food vs fishbrul comparison.

Pandaren Food – The master race needs to eat too.

Legendary Combinations –  You can ignore the errors for now, I’ll get those worked out later, but the trinkets are being used in the simulation. Emperor’s Capacitor requires some tweaking to how it works, not currently implemented at all in SimC.

Racials – This uses stat food that was previously found to currently be a little bit better. Still only 2% different between the top and the bottom, which is pretty well balanced as far as racials go historically.


This was all I did today, so I’m not going to go into any depth analysis for everything since its late and its New Years. There will be continued work over the next days and weeks, so any of this could change in someway, don’t take it as final.

As I sim more, I’ll post more. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read then please scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

Let me know what you’d like me to be sure to sim next in the comments.

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