Talents, Trinkets, and Legendaries have been revised in Part 2 CLICK HERE. Tier Bonus is still correct.

So I spent the better part of two days simming a variety of things using SimulationCraft. The Windwalker profile for SimCraft is mostly stable, so its finally time that we can start drawing conclusions.

Remember, that these results are based on the Mythic Nighthold BiS profile; if you want an answer specific to your character at your specific time, you need to run your own simulations. Use the How to SimCraft guide I’ve created for help.

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Because of how stressful it has been doing an expansion’s amount of work in a weekend, I’ll also be taking a few days off from the main Discord channels as I believe I’m running the risk of burning out very quickly. Trust that I will continue working on things, they just wont be posted for a few days. Be Patient and Play nice.


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For talents I ran each combination, ignoring any with Ascension, Chi Orbit, Chi Burst, and Eye of the Tiger, since those are not really feasible. Chi Burst is usable in single target, but its so definitely better than Chi Wave in Multi-Target that it didn’t matter and wouldn’t change the sims. Most people stick with Chi Wave for the flexibility as WW doesn’t lack in AOE damage.

As I ran literally 200 different simulations, its too much to link all the results so I compiled a chart for you to see the top option for all combinations of 1-10 targets and various fight lengths. This assumes Chi Wave and Energizing Elixir, the only variables are the final 2 tiers of talents and whether or not you have DHC or not.

Click Here for Chart

This shows that, if you do not have DHC, Serenity is the way to go in nearly all situations. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is most useful on very very short fights, and Rushing Jade Wind beats Hit Combo at 5 targets and above. Even if you do have DHC, Serenity beats out Whirling Dragon Punch at high targets and prolonged fight times.

It should be noted that even in all the sims less than 5 targets, Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch, both with and without Drinking Horn Cover, were pretty close to one another, sometimes just outside the margin of error. So if you prefer one play style over another, don’t feel like you’re drastically hindering your performance.

When using Serenity, currently it looks like using it as close to on cooldown as possible due to the change to the cooldown workings. I’ll spend more time on this in a few days once everything settles down.

**Right now it appears that Chi Orbit and Crosswinds are dealing 300% damage during SEF instead of 150%, which is making Whirling Dragon Punch stronger and Chi Orbit incredibly strong. Its possible that this is a bug, so I’ll give it a few days to pan out before diving into it too much. For the time being, it looks like Chi Orbit is the way to go. Weird.** It appears that this was fixed


[x_accordion_item title=Trinkets]

For Trinkets, I did the same thing to visually show the rankings that I did for Talents. Trinkets recently received some tweaks, so APL improvements or other fixes may change these slightly. Always take with a grain of salt.

Click Here for Chart

I will also include sims to look at the single target benefit of each trinket as there really wasn’t too much jostling. I looked at each trinket with Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch as well as with/out DHC as that can change things slightly.

As you can see, Convergence of Fates is the practically unanimous winner with Elemental Foci and other trinkets being close.


[x_accordion_item title=”Tier Bonus”]

For Tier sets I wanted to look at a few things. The benefit of the bonus at different gear levels, as well as roughly how many ilevels the bonus was worth. I have never done the bonus vs ilvl comparison, so its always possible that I messed it up.

Tier Bonus – Serenity  |   Tier Bonus – WDP

As you can see, the 2pc bonus is more useful for Serenity, which makes sense as it makes it much easier to fit a 3rd Rising Sun Kick into the duration.

Tier Bonus vs 2pc

The item level changes in that sim are for all gear, so each ilvl is roughly equal to 1 more average ilvl across your equipped gear. +1 average ilvl is equal to one piece going up about 15 ilvl. This means that the 2pc bonus is worth a little more than +3 average ilvl, or +45 ilevels gained across the gear you’re upgrading. This means that you’d have to gain roughly 45 ilvl between the items that you’d use in order to justify breaking up the 2pc bonus.

Tier Bonus vs 4pc

This works the same way as the 2pc above, in order to justify dropping the 4pc bonus, bonus, you need to gain +5 average ilvl, or 75 ilevels total across all gear.

Again, this is the first time I have ever done, or thought about this situation, so I am/was making it up as I go.


[x_accordion_item title=Legendaries]

For legendaries, I tried to be as thorough as possible. The 5 target and 10 target sims switch to using Rushing Jade Wind consistent with the Talent sims above.

To assess the power of Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred, add 30k DPS to the simulation’s DPS, this is equal to the bonus provided to the cloaks’ damage if used on cooldown. SimC is also not using Touch of Death a second time when using Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch, so to assess that legendary, add 17.3k dps to all sims 2 targets and above.

As  you can see DHC is incredibly strong now. However, nothing stops Serenity and Rushing Jade Wind at 5 targets and higher, its just too powerful. If you have DHC, you should use it until you start using Rushing Jade Wind.

The vast majority of legendaries are relatively close to one another, so there is a wide pool of options.


There are obviously many more things that changed slightly in 7.1.5. I ran all the other information on the guides and nothing has changed enough to merit further changes to the guides. The only thing that remains is Relics vs Item Level, which by early estimation, saw the weight of all relics drop by 1 lvl in single target and 2-3 in AOE, and stat weights and gaps. Relic order is very unlikley to change except with the 2pc bonus which will push Rising Winds ahead of Fists of the Wind for single target.

I am also close to being able to release my spreadsheet, which will allow you to gauge relics, stat weights, and Spinning Crane Kick stacks easily and quickly, while dynamically updating them for your character and situation. Look for that soon(ish).

If I missed any sims that you feel I should do, comment below and let me know.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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