To continue from the article yesterday about the changes Blizzard made to Nighthold trinkets, I ran all talents and legendaries. Since Convergence of Fates and Drinking Horn Cover are the two items that effect different talents differently, I broke them up again. And since I stayed home today with my daughter since our babysitter made plans… away we go:

Note: None of these sims are for YOUR character, they’re using the Mythic Nighthold profile that includes the 4pc and other Best in Slot gear. If you want to know what is best for YOUR character, you need to sim things yourself using your character as the baseline.

[x_columnize]Talents without Drinking Horn Cover nor Convergence of Fates

Talents with Drinking Horn Cover, no Convergence of Fates

Talents with Convergence of Fates, no Drinking Horn Cover

Talents with Drinking Horn Cover and Convergence of Fates


TLDR: Whirling Dragon Punch wins out in all situations with Drinking Horn Cover, which is to be expected, as well as below 5 consistent targets without Drinking Horn Cover. Convergence of Fates no longer appears to be strong enough to swing the power of talents very much.

So next, we have to look at the relative power of Legendaries with and without Convergence of Fates. I ran all the profiles with Serenity, and an additional Drinking Horn Cover profile with Whirling Dragon Punch. As usual, some notes;

[x_columnize]Legendaries without Convergence of Fates

Legendaries with Convergence of Fates


TLDR: Katsuo’s Eclipse and Drinking Horn Cover are the best overall legendaries. Convergence of Fates isn’t strong enough to bump any other legendary ahead of Drinking Horn Cover and Whirling Dragon Punch.

Finally, since the question will inevitably be asked, I looked at how the best that Whirling Dragon Punch can offer compares to the best that Serenity can offer.

TLDR: There are two things that are important here. 1) Whirling Dragon Punch plus Drinking Horn Cover and Katsuo’s Eclipse  is the strongest combination, and 2) Even without Drinking Horn Cover, Whirling Dragon Punch still wins over Serenity.

Bonus: Since there have been lots of questions and misunderstanding about how trinkets stack up, specially while Nevarix continues to rebuild the trinket spreadsheet form the ground up since the baselines have changed. I wanted to run some other trinket sims. These sims look at the power of trinkets at their maximum item level that is farmable. This means, no war/titanforging, and no drops from Mythic+ Caches, since they are effectively huge RNG machines that can’t be controlled. For the sake of my CPU, and readability, I’m only including the strongest trinkets from Emerald Nightmare and only Memento of Angerboda from dungeons since its the strongest trinket available from M+. I also ran it using Whirling Dragon Punch and no legendaries.

Yes, its not comprehensive, but until the spreadsheet is finished, this will hold you over.

[x_columnize]Single Trinkets

Trinket Combos


TLDR: You can infer whatever you want from these sims, since I know people will infer things that aren’t there. What I see is that in general, the ilevel of the trinket is important as there is definitely a trend in that higher ilvl trinkets means more DPS. Its obviously not that cut and dry, but there is a correlation.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.

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