So here it is, the first post of the new site. Welcome to Peak of Serenity!! Lets get into it.

All Windwalker Guides have been updated for 7.2.

Artifact Path

I was correct in my initial thoughts, so the artifact paths have been added to the Windwalker PvE Artifacts page.


I was able to get some testing done on SimCraft about the legendaries. There are a few caveats to this upcoming image, so please read them too. This is Single Target, 300s with 20% variance, using the Mythic NH template profile with pre-7.2 traits.

  • As usual, Cenedril isn’t simmed correctly because of no Karma damage. The profile has 3.67m health, so you can add about 30.5k DPS to assume using Cenedril on CD for the maximum benefit.
  • Drinking Horn Cover and Serenity isn’t set up in the APL at all. Its certainly stronger than that, potentially stronger than using WDP with the legendary. This is going to take awhile to figure out. As it stands, if you have DHC, use the talent you prefer.
  • Hidden Master’s is still bugged in the sims, and we can’t quite figure out how to fix it. It is only using ToD once during the fight. If you account for the difference in ToD usage, you can add another 19.5k dps.
  • Katsuos and DHC didn’t lose as much ground as any of us expected.
  • Emperor’s is CRAZY strong in single target! Wouldn’t be shocked to see this nerfed.
  • If you ignore Emperor’s, the legendaries are pretty damn well balanced, there’s only a 4.9% difference between a stat stick Cenedril and a fully buffed Sephuz.
  • Hidden Master’s will definitely be the way to go in two target cleave, but falls off as there are more targets.
  • Tomb of Sargeras and its tier bonus will throw a wrench in all this as you may want to have all 6 slots filled between T19 and T20 to get multiple set bonuses, thankfully that’s still a ways away.
Bonus Sims

If you want to see how things pan out over a variety of targets and with the new traits, here are the sims, just have to do the math yourself for the caveats above:


Food Changes!

Blizzard decided to buff the feasts, as Lavish Suramar Feast had its Agility doubled. This makes it the best food for Windwalkers, by a small margin.

Which also means that it switches up the racials stacks again!! GO PANDAS GO!!

The difference from top to bottom is still barely 1%, so play what you like the most, and like Pandaren the most.

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