With the launch of 7.2, Mistweavers get a trait that reduces the cooldown of Revival, Tendrils of Revival. Each rank put into this trait reduces the cooldown by another 10 seconds. Petrichor Lagniappe must be a fantastic legendary now, right? With all of the Revivals per fight, it must be great boon to have to stack any available Tendrils of Revival relics with Petrichor Lagniappe, right? Surely better than 5% more healing to Vivify or Essence Font, or another second added on to Renewing Mist, right? There’s a huge caveat with this line of thinking that I want to talk about.

All cooldown reductions that can have their effects stacked are not as good as you may initially think.

Back in July 2016, I made a Petrichor Lagniappe spreadsheet to track just how many seconds off of Revival you can manage through various methods, whether through using all available Thunder Focus Teas (and whether Focused Thunder or Rising Thunder talents were selected) solely on Renewing Mist, or just using Renewing Mist on cooldown.

Just by using Renewing Mist on cooldown, Revival had an effective cooldown of 144 seconds, or 2:24. Petrichor Lagniappe knocked off a total of 36 seconds from Revival. If you did not use Revival in those 36 seconds, the effect of Petrichor Lagniappe was useless. This shows Petrichor Lagniappe‘s niche: consistent, bursty damage.

The same deal happens with Tendrils of Revival relics. If you do not use the extra Revival within 10 seconds of it coming off cooldown, it’s a wasted effect on the relic, better spent on Infusion of Life, Essence of the Mists, or Extended Healing, as they’re more reliable healing increases.

The combined effect of Petrichor Lagniappe and 4/4 Tendrils of Revival is undoubtedly strong, but will have very niche cases. But when those very specific cases come up, it will be very powerful.

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