This is a running summary of the blue posts in Celestalons Thread on Brewmasters in 7.2.5 and their meaning.


  • “Net value” of changes are supposed to be neutral: They dont want to nerf the general tanking strength of BrM, but deny them cheesing ability. This means less damage reduction coming from stagger, and more damage reduction coming passively from armor. [post]
  • Brewmaster rotation feels clunky and will be updated: BoS and BoF will get a direct defensive benefit by granting you Elusive Brawler stacks. Mastery numbers will be tweaked if this turns out to make mastery too strong.[post] BoS might get longer base CD and get cooldown reduced by TP. [post]
  • They arent happy with BrM ability to cheese stuff like fort brew +stagger pause surviving enraged bosses for prolonged periods. For this reason, the amount of stagger you can have in your stagger pool will be capped, early suggestions of 100% and 200% have been scrapped, and current suggestion is a cap of 1000% of your max health. [post]
  • BrM is too strong at mitigating big oneshots like Fel Scythes with their regular AM set. Pala surviving oneshots once per Divine shield/spellwarding CD is ok, BrM doing it every 30 sec with two PB (which are made available by buffering long periods of ISB) is not. [post]
  • BrM with MV is looked upon as “extremely strong” bordering to OP for magic mitigation, along with guardian druids. Druids just got Mark of Ursol removed, BrM might get looked at as well. [post]
  • To reduce BrM strength at reducing/ignoring oneshots, ISB and fort brew stagger % will be lowered. To compensate for this, base armor will be buffed, and the Staggering Around trait will be reworked, possibly upping Purifying brew percentage. [post]
  • It is currently too easy for BrM to stock up on large durations of ISB when offtanking or in low damage phases, and use brews only for purifies in more hectic phases. To counteract this, ISB will get a duration cap. Current suggestion being 3x ISB duration (including traits). [post]
  • They feel that monks reaching 100% ISB uptime is unproblematic, and are not looking to change that. The only problem they have is with the huge buffers they can build, like going into Botanist p3 with 2m+ of ISB. Nerfing ISB uptime is not a goal with these changes. [post] 
  • Other tanks can use AM resources for damage while offtanking or in periods with low incoming damage; Think warriors using rage on Revenge rather than Ignore Pain. They want BrM to also have this option rather than just spending brews on stacking ISB. [post]
  • Current suggestion is making Special Delivery do damage more reliably, rather than having a chance to do damage per brew used. Special Delivery is already a way to spend brews for damage. This likely means 100% proc chance, but lower damage per proc. [post]


Our thoughts on the changes: With the stagger cap suggestion reverted (1000% is practically the same as no stagger cap) the rest of changes seem reasonable. They have shown to listen to feedback in the thread, so make sure to get on PTR when 7.2.5 is added, and provide feedback on the updated rotation and the isb duration cap. The BrM BoC rotation currently has a lot of awkward empty half globals, if they can improve this and make the rotation feel more fluid, this can be an exciting patch for Brewmasters. Changing Staggering Around has been needed since Legion launch, and is a welcome change. Changing Special Delivery is a great change, a tank having big portion of AoE damage tied into RNG doesnt always feel good, some skittish packs going much smoother than others. From a tank design perspective, reliability is good.

tl;dr Is the sky falling down? It doesnt look like it.