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New PTR, detailing the new legendary ring, as well as changes to our Tier 20 bonuses.

Build 24116

  • Soul of the Grandmaster – New legendary ring that gives the effect of Mist Wrap, allowing you to equip it along with another Level 45 talent.
  • Doorway to Nowhere – New legendary cloak that, as of this build, allows each Essence Font to have a chance to Invoke Chi-Ji the Red Crane for an unknown amount of time.
  • Fistweaving Legendary? – While listed as a Brewmaster legendary, there are other cases where one spec has benefited off another’s legendary (Balance’s Lady and the Child working for Guardian, for example) where this could prove to be useful for Mistweavers. Nothing to get worked up over just yet, but something to think about.
  • Tier 20 2 Piece Bonus – Essence Font has a 30% chance to proc Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of Enveloping Mist by 75%.
  • Tier 20 4 Piece Bonus – Consuming Surge of Mists grants a 10 second buff Dance of Mists that increases healing by 12%.

What These Changes Mean

Okay, new legendaries are always exciting. As of this build, Soul of the Grandmaster is not worth taking whatsoever. It’s held back by low secondary stats and an underwhelming effect in raids. Doorway to Nowhere has too little information to make any assumptions on right now. It could be good, or utter crap.

The Tier 20 Two Piece Bonus change is not good. Going from a guaranteed 2 procs per minute, increasing with Haste, to a low chance for every Essence Font we cast is such a hit to its overall proc rate that it is ultimately unreliable. Combine that with the fact that Essence Font is cast as damage is incoming, where the healing bonus is needed most, you need a point where you cast Essence Font, gain the Surge of Mists buff, and have more damage incoming soon to benefit from the Dance of Mists buff.

The Tier 20 Four Piece Bonus is good, but is tied to the low proc rate from the Two Piece that it loses its power and can be unreliable when you need it.

Unreliability kills anything for healers.

Until next week!

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