Today brings a very small PTR update for Mistweavers, just adding proc chances and secondary stats of to our two new legendaries.

Build 24163 Changes

What These Changes Mean

The Soul of the Grandmaster stat changes are just to bring it up to the stat level of actual rings, instead of having a lower total amount than a 900 ring.

Doorway to Nowhere getting numbers tied to its effect in this build gives us something to work with. The power of this legendary can swing wildly depending on the frequency of group-wide damage in an encounter, with more group damage naturally giving this . Having it tied to Essence Font, which you should be casting as damage is going out, is fine, since Invoke Chi-Ji would get a lot of value in that situation (unlike our Tier 20 bonus). However, its effect being tied into a cloak (which has a low budget for stats to begin with), along with sub par stats is what’s bringing it down compared to other legendaries. As of this post, it is unknown whether or not there can be more than one Chi-Ji active at once.

As PTR nears its release build, rankings will be updated on the Mistweaver Legendary Page, but the initial version of both of these legendaries look to be fairly lackluster to what’s already available.



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