Another PTR build with only a few changes that effect Windwalkers, [SOURCE].

Do know that a lack of changes in one build really doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future, it also doesn’t mean there will be.

  • Fists of Fury   Pummels all targets in front of you, dealing [5 * (420% of Attack power)] damage over 4 sec. Can be channeled while moving.
    Range changed from Melee Range to 8 yd range

This is simply a tooltip change to fit what we have already known was coming. Its a nice QoL change and in some situations will be a DPS increase.

  • Soul of the Grandmaster – At iLvL 940 has 1025 Critical Strike, 1239 Haste, and 1453 Mastery, up from a flat 427 for each stat.

This helps to bring the stats more in line with similar item level rings.


New Legendary: The Wind Blows

This is the new legendary that Blizzard has added in addition to the Chi Orbit Legendary Ring; Soul of the Grandmaster.

This legendary will provide some cleave DPS as well as single target damage through more Blackout Kick, Strike of the Windlord, and thus Thunderfist stacks. It will also mess with the timings of lining cooldowns up. Based on my spreadsheet, its a little shy of 5% increase, which is respectable for a legendary. Hopefully we’ll have sims about it over the next few days as I know Hina is working on it. In general it should be pretty decent at single target and some cleave. It basically works by giving you a free Combo Breaker proc after using Strike of the Windlord, so we’ll likely want to make sure to use up any existing proc before casting Strike of the Windlord, which may get weird. It will also provide you some more free Blackout Kick to mix in during AOE without needing to spend Chi.

For anyone who doesn’t get the reference in the banner;



Concordance of the Legionfall

This was just about the biggest news of the day. Its first rank was increased from 2000 to 4000 main stat and each rank beyond that went from 200 to 300 stats [SOURCE], a pretty decent buff overall. It does make each additional stat a smaller portion of the total (200/2000 > 300/4000), but gives you a little bit more incentive to farm the ranks. The proc rate was also increased from 1.37PPM to 2PPM, another decent sized buff to it [SOURCE].



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