So yesterday, while streaming, I decided to hop on the PTR and give a look at the new trinkets, legendaries, and tier bonuses (boni). I wasn’t looking for how much damage they do, or how they compared to other things, just to get a feel for how they worked and maybe how best to maximize them. Since Blizzard announced that the PvP season will end on June 13, that means that 7.2.5 will likely be either the 13th or 20th, so I’ll be sure to have the actually DPS comparisons ready by then as best I can.

If you’d like to see the real-time discussion of these trinkets when I streamed, you can find it here: (Around the 2:50:00 mark, some of the audio may get muted during part of it, sorry)

Here are my thoughts:



How it Works:

Your auto attacks have a chance to proc the trinket which gives you a huge chunk of Agility over 12 seconds. It also spawns four orbs around you that last for 12s and can be collected to extend the buff duration by 3s per orb collected. These orbs can spawn in any spots in front, next to, or behind you, seemingly within a 7 yard range or so.

According to WoWhead, it has a 1 proc per minute. If it averages one proc per minute and you collect all four orbs then it will average slightly more Agility than a stat stick; at 900 ilvl, it will average 2169 Agility, compared to 2083 Agility on a 900 stat stick. If you are only able to collect three orbs then the average will drop to 1898, and thus be worse than a stat stick.


My Thoughts/Experience:

This was a pretty interesting trinket. For the first (what seemed like) eternity, it didn’t proc. It didn’t proc for so long that I thought it may have been broken on the PTR. However, when it did proc, I got several procs back to back. Obviously, this is entirely RNG and luck, but it was a very interesting experience.

At several times while testing on a dummy, I had 3 or 4 procs back to back, leading to 2 minutes of consecutive buff time. This was hilariously contrasting to the times where it didn’t seem to proc for several minutes at a time.

When it procs the orbs are pretty obvious when doing a test on a dummy, but during an encounter it will be more difficult due to all the other spell effects. Inevitably this will get you killed, or you’ll have to decide between getting the orb for that extra 3s of the buff, or taking damage.

Overall this trinket seems to either be amazing or disappointing depending on how much it procs, how long you’re able to extend the buff, and if it procs at the right time. It was certainly a fun experience testing it. Some people reported that their Fists of Fury was cancelled when they picked up orbs, but it looks like that has been fixed.



Cradle of Anguish

How it Works:

As long as you’re above 80% health, you gain one stack per second up to a maximum of 10 stacks. If you drop below 50% health at any point then you lose all the stacks and start to gain them after you get back up over 80% health. The stacks will go up out of combat as well. I am unsure if the stacks will be reset on the boss pull, but if not then thats a decent chunk of Agility to start the fight with.

It provides a little bit more Agility than a stat stick, 2300 agi at max stacks vs 2063 agi on a stat stick at 900 ilvl. You’d need to average at least 9 stacks during a fight for it to provide more Agility, on average, than a stat stick.


My Thoughts/Experience:

To start, the haste as the main stat is pretty disappointing for a Windwalker, at least in single target situations. For AOE its much less disappointing. When testing on a target dummy it was impossible to lose the buff, however it will depend entirely on the boss fight and you’re ability to avoid damage. Some fights, like Mythic Krosus, have consistent mechanics that will likely drop you down below 50% unless you’re using Touch of Karma to mitigate it, so this would be a trinket that you wouldn’t want to use on a fight like that.



Infernal Cinders

How it Works:

This is one of the more interesting trinkets coming in Tomb. It procs roughly 10x a minute off of any melee attacks we do. The damage that it does gets the normal chance to crit, then 10% more chance with every additional person within 10 yards that has it as well.


My Thoughts/Experience:

This is a super weird trinket. Because of how the proc works, the more people that have it, the better it gets. This will likely lead to odd situations where its only better than X other trinket if a required amount of people have it inside your melee group. Even more so than that, it will likely lead to a situation where one person needs only one other person to have it in order for it to be their best trinket, but that other person may need more than one other person to have it equipped. So does Player 1 equip it, despite not having the required amount of people for it to be best, in order for Player 2 to have the require people? It could certainly snowball from that situation into a bunch more. What if someone who has it is absent or subbed out for that boss?

Needlessly complicated in my opinion, but easy to use. It will also gain increased damage from Serenity, and is neither copied, nor decreased by Storm, Earth, and Fire.



Vial of Ceaseless Toxins

How it Works:

This works in a similar fashion to how our Touch of Death works, just in DoT fashion instead of an explosion at the end of the timer. If the target dies with the DoT on them then the cooldown is reduced by 45s.


My Thoughts/Experiences:

The damage seems to be pretty decent. You’ll be able to game the cooldown reduction by putting it on adds that won’t live the whole time. In an ideal world, you’d want the target to live at least 15s, so that when they die, you can use it right away without any downtime. This would probably be a pretty strong trinket on priority adds that live for close to 15s, specially if they spawn frequently.



Specter of Betrayal

How it Works:

Upon using the trinket, a ghost appears at your location and pulses several times, dealing damage that split between all the targets it hits, and lasts for 1 minute. After 45s you can use the trinket again. When you use it a second time, a new ghost will spawn at your location, and the new ghost PLUS any other ghost that is still up, will pulse again. The ghosts will not move.


My Thoughts/Experiences:

The damage is done up front, which is more forgiving than if it was a regular pulse. The fact that you can have two ghosts pulsing is quite cool. The main downside to this trinket is that its strength comes from the overlap when two ghosts are up, but since they don’t move, the boss, or other targets, need to be within the range. If they are out of range, then you’re out of luck.


Umbral Moonglaives

How it Works:

When you use the trinkets, little things spin all over the area and deal damage to all the targets in the area. After 8 seconds, the spinning things explode, dealing AOE damage to all the targets within 8 yards.


My Thoughts/Experiences:

Really cool visual. Pretty straightforward trinket, press button, do damage. Functions similarly to Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish, just over 8s. Seems to do some very respectable damage on the PTR.



Legendary Helm

How it Works:

Cooldown of Strike of the Windlord is reduced from 40s to 32s, and after using it, you get a free BoK.


My Thoughts/Experiences:

Easy to use, Strike of the Windlord fits well into the rotation with and without CoF. Decently fun, definitely feel the additional BoK procs. It certainly feels like a more passive version of The Emperor’s Capacitor. The biggest issue with this legendary is that it cuts into a slot for Tier, which will be somewhat important, specially at the start of the tier.



Legendary Ring

How it Works:

Equip ring, get swirly orbs around you.


My Thoughts/Experiences:

Lol spinning orbs. Greatest visual legendary we have. Gonna use it when I’m sitting in places because I love spinning orbs, and it will confuse the fuck out of passersby who inspect me and think that’s the way to go. I love me some spinning orbs. But in all honestly, this legendary is really disappointing.



Tier Bonuses

I played around with different combinations of the tier bonuses. Functionally the combination of the t20 4pc and t19 2pc was the easiest and most enjoyable to work with. More frequent Rising Sun Kick casts meant more crits which means more Fists of Fury casts which means for Rising Sun Kick crits. It does feel a little less natural when using Serenity, but that will likely just be a learning curve, and someone who’s more accustomed to Serenity already will have an easier time.

There will, of course, be item level thresholds where you’ll want to drop the old tier for newer items, and I’ll work all that out closer to the release.




When looking at the whole experience, some of the trinkets were pretty fun, like Engine. However, nearly all of them had their little issues, and none were much better than the equal ilvl stat sticks. My favorite trinket has to be Umbral Moonglaives due to the visual and its AOE potential. Vial of Ceaseless Toxins has some really cool implications with how it can be maximized if you’re into that sort of thing. The mental part of Infernal Cinders is going to be really weird and annoying to think about. The RNG nature of Engine was without a doubt the most hilarious part of all the testing.


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