With the recent PvP season ending on June 13th, and Tomb of Sargeras slated for June 20th, the PTR development cycle is winding down with some boss testing and final tweaks and flat aura buffs. That said, there’s some changes included that’ll help Mistweavers out in Tomb.

Build 24218 Changes

What These Changes Mean

Enveloping Mist‘s mana reduction is good for the spec overall, while the Monk Tier 20 2 Piece Bonus change makes its overall impact on our mana fairly minor. With the buff active, Enveloping Mist will cost 1.3% (14,300) mana, nearly half of Effuse, making it a ridiculously efficient spell when it’s available; low enough that, coupled with the Tier 20 4 Piece Bonus, its overhealing won’t matter due to the healing bonus provided by Dance of Mists.

The Chi Wave buff, both baseline and through the aura, makes it better when you do end up using it, but still won’t be enough to overtake Zen Pulse in dungeons. Chi Burst still remains as the go to for raids.

The flat aura buff is good; it’s not exactly a flat 4% buff to all of Mistweaver’s healing, but definitely a sizable increase where it matters. Some spells that had already been buffed this PTR cycle (Essence Font, and Life Cocoon) understandably aren’t included (having already been buffed by ~25.3% and ~34.8%, respectively). There are some spells that were left off I’m confused about, however. Soothing Mist and Zen Pulse among them. However, with the spells that have been selected, we’re being buffed for healing outside of Essence Font, which will be a staple of the class going into Tomb of Sargeras.


In the coming weeks, the Mistweaver Guide will be updated to reflect all of the 7.2.5 PTR changes, so stay tuned!

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