Since we’re entering a new raid with all new trinkets and tier, here’s what you need to know for your first week in Tomb of Sargeras. I also recommend checking out Pandanaconda’s post about Windwalkers that was posted earlier today.



  • Flask – Flask of the Seventh Demon (Agility)
  • Potion – Potion of Prolonged Power (Agility)
  • Rune – Defiled Augment Rune (Agility)
  • Food – Lavish Suramar Feast (Agility)



We still want to aim for high item level with agility. Specter of Betrayal is the best overall trinket, assuming the target doesn’t ever move, with both Vial of Ceaseless Toxins and Engine of Eradication being very strong choices in both single target and AOE. Vial of Ceaseless Toxins will be very strong on progression when targets live longer, getting you closer to that 15-20s ideal window.



The t20 bonuses synergize very well with each other and with the t19 2pc bonus. Because of this, the end result that we’re currently looking for is using t20 2&4pc as well as keeping the t19 2pc. To accomplish this, you will simply use your highest item level t19 pieces, and fill in the other 4 tier slots with t20. However, because of how strong the t19 4pc bonus is, and how comparatively weak the t20 2pc is without the 4pc, you will want to refrain from breaking the t19 4pc until you can go directly to using the t20 4pc, unless you will gain at least 75 total item levels across the gear that you’re replacing.

There is no point in giving item level worths for the t20 bonuses. Just get the 4pc from t20, keep the 2pc from t19, and don’t change till something about either of them do, or we’re in the next raid tier. Even if it means going from Mythic t19 4pc to Heroic t20 4pc, it is worth it. Just get it!!!



Because we are looking to stick with the “6 piece” tier bonuses (boni?), that leaves very few slots remaining for legendaries. In an ideal world you would use Drinking Horn Cover and Katsuo’s Eclipse once you’ve completed the 6 piece. Until you’ve completed your 6 piece, using any combination of The Emperor’s Capacitor, Drinking Horn Cover, and The Wind Blows will be good. Because of the “restriction” on what slots legendaries can be used in, Drinking Horn Cover, Katsuo’s Eclipse, Cinidaria, the Symbiote, Soul of the Grandmaster (yes really), and Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish are all viable options.



Rising Winds relics will be the most desirable for single target and Fists of the Wind for anything with more than one target. Split Personality relics are available in Tomb as well, but these fall to the same fate as Convergence of Fates. If the reduction of cooldown duration allows you to get an additional or perfectly timed cast of Storm, Earth, and Fire or Serenity, then they are the best available relic, if they do not, then they are effectively useless. Because this depends on a variety of factors, and the fact that once you replace a relic its lost forever, it is not recommended to pursue Split Personality relics, but if you feel compelled, then go right ahead.

This leaves only two options in Tomb for relics, Chiseled Starlight and Flawless Hurricane Pearl. We don’t have the variety of choices that we did in Nighthold.



With the addition of the “6 piece”, Serenity is going to be the go to for just about all situations, even without Drinking Horn Cover, as it simply maximizes the power of the 6 piece bonuses. Beyond that, nothing is really changing, so follow the advice of the Talents page. Once you get the 6 piece, it is possible that we will be using Eye of the Tiger in all situations because of being GCD capped and having very little chances to use Chi Wave.



Lastly, when you enter Tomb, it is possible to have many coins saved up. Your first priority is to get the t20 4pc, so prioritize the bosses that will get you there the quickest. After that you can prioritize getting the strong trinkets or other items depending on what other gear you have and need, this will be different for each person.



The rotation really doesn’t change very much going into Tomb, Rising Sun Kick becomes higher priority than Fists of Fury, but thats it. Once you get the 6 piece bonus, its possible that clipping Fists of Fury during Serenity to get a buffed Rising Sun Kick will be the way to go, but thats unclear. Other than that, there isn’t much changing even with the 7.2.5 changes.

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