Because Windwalkers no longer use t19 2pc and t20 4pc bonus combination, most of this article is no longer correct.


The raid that everyone’s been waiting so patiently for, the Tomb of Sargeras, is finally here, and with it brings a lot of new opportunities for our dear friend Serenity. After Patch 7.2, when the Drinking Horn Cover and The Emperor’s Capacitor legendaries were buffed significantly, this led us into the build now known as “The Holy Trinity” in the #windwalker channel of the Peak of Serenity Discord. Since then, Serenity has been the clear winner for all but 2 bosses in Nighthold: Skorpyron and Tichondrius, due to their mass-AoE nature.

With the new tier and traits, Serenity is still looking to be the clear winner in Tomb of Sargeras, even without The Emperor’s Capacitor. This is largely due to how the traits/set bonuses interact with each other, and supplying the resources required to create a functional rotation.


Set Bonuses

Nighthold’s set bonuses in general were lackluster for a long time, and it looked like T19 2P/T20 4PC was out of the question. However, the T19 2P has very good synergy with Serenity as well as both of our T20 set bonuses, and even at a combined 50 item levels it is still much better than all of its alternatives.

Additionally, the T20 bonuses were just buffed in a recent hotfix, and now read:

2P: Rising Sun Kick critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury by 3 sec.
4P: When Fists of Fury ends, the critical strike chance of Rising Sun Kick is increased by 65% for 5 sec.

The Fists of Fury nerf has hurt the power of the 2P significantly, and is now an extremely small gain. However, the 4P is now a significant power jump, and you will want to rush for this as fast as possible.



These set bonuses look great at first glance: Fists of Fury to crit more Rising Sun Kicks to keep casting Fists of Fury more. This works great outside of Serenity. But, what about during Serenity?

There’s no question that you will want to cast Fists of Fury during Serenity, but it would also be a huge waste to let it fully channel. So now we have a problem on our hands: canceling Fists of Fury. A lot. With Bloodlust up, Fists of Fury is looking to have around a 2.5-3 second cooldown. Even without it, the T19 2P should allow us to have 100% uptime on 4P buff during Serenity, which means we’re going to be looking at a rotation like this:

RSK -> SotWL -> BoK -> (wait)RSK -> BoK -> FoF -> (wait/cancel FoF)RSK -> BoK -> SCK -> (wait)RSK -> FoF

This requires ~10% Haste to do consistently without Bloodlust. With Bloodlust, you won’t have to wait at all between BoK -> RSK casts, and it does not change the abilities you use during Serenity.

Finally, Fists of Fury is now slightly less important outside Serenity than before, and you will want to always cast a Fists of Fury right before going into Serenity. You should be prepared to hold it for up to 10 seconds if it will not line up by itself.



So with T19 2P/T20 4P taking over, where does this leave our legendary situation at? What about The Emperor’s Capacitor, or The Wind Blows? What legendaries will we use with 2P/4P?

For now, they are a few % behind, but this may change during farm when we have much higher ilevel items available to us (940+).

As far as legendaries with 2P/4P equipped, we have a few options. Drinking Horn Cover remains very strong, allowing us to cast Fists of Fury multiple times during Serenity to keep 100% uptime on our 4P buff during it, and Katsuo’s Eclipse is also extremely strong due to smoothing out the rotation outside of Serenity, effectively GCD capping us. However, don’t count out a 970 Kil’jaeeden’s Burning Wish or even the new Soul of the Grandmaster ring. Chi Orbit may be a “meme talent” by itself, but it adds a fair amount of damage for a Legendary, and gets better the more targets you add. Cinidaria is still a decent pick overall, though usually the hardest parts of bosses are not in the first 10%.


Split Personality Relics?

There is a new relic in Tomb of Sargeras from the first boss called Felsoul Vortex, and gives us another point in Split Personality, the trait that reduces the cooldown on Serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire. While it’s easy to judge the value of a relic like Fists of the Wind or Rising Winds, this one is tricky and requires a little more thinking behind how to use it.

Having 6 ranks of Split Personality will reduce the cooldown of Serenity by 28 seconds, as points past the first 4 will only reduce its cooldown by 4 secs, down from 5. Additionally, there are currently no Iron Split Personality relics in the game, so you will only ever be able to use 2 at a time.

This has some massive potential if there are any fights like Gul’dan in Tomb of Sargeras (perhaps on Mythic difficulty?). If having one or two of these relics causes Serenity to line up with, for example, a high priority add spawning, or will grant you an extra cast of Serenity over the course of the fight, then there is no question that this relic would blow all of the others away. But there’s always the chance that it does nothing for you as well, and would end up as useless as a dodge relic. In general we don’t recommend using this relic until we are able to evaluate it better.


Serenity and AoE

Not much has changed regarding AoE, despite the nerfs to Spinning Crane Kick and Fists of Fury. You’ll still want to tag as many targets as you see fit before entering Serenity, and then continue to mark new targets or re-mark old ones by rotating Rising Sun Kicks or Blackout Kicks between Spinning Crane Kick casts. Don’t try to hold globals to try and get extra Rising Sun Kicks in like you would on a single target.



Thanks for reading my first article here on Peak, and I hope you learned something about how to use Serenity in the upcoming raid Tomb of Sargeras. For more in-depth previews about individual boss encounters, check out Pandanaconda’s encounter guides that are currently being updated!

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