Starting to move in the right direction.


  • Windwalker
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 2.5%.

    Fists of Fury damage increased by 12%.

What this basically means is that our Aura is going to go from 19% to 22%, and FoF will gain an additional 12% modifier.

Based on my spreadsheet, this is right around 5% more damage to single target, a little more with the 4pc t20/2pc t19, and a little less than 5% without.

This 5% increase is just about the minimum I mathed out, on my stream, to bring us within 1 standard deviation of average, or whats called the “average range”. Windwalker will still be on the low side, toward the bottom of all the specs, and could probably use some buffs to some other things. But for now, its about the minimum that Windwalker needed to stay afloat.

Blizzard, in the last few years, has preferred to take this stance of small buffs rather than large ones that may need nerfing afterwards. This certainly may or may not be the last thing we see about Windwalkers. Small buffs is always easier than large ones followed by nerfs. No one likes to be nerfed.

We’re still working on finding some ways to present Blizzard with answers for why Windwalker’s scale so poorly, and this buff doesn’t address that, but its better than nothing.

I dont’ want to say that its a result of the AMA, as it was likely to happen regardless, but…. if you think it was because of me, then Patreon and PayPal 😀


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