Got Hacked

So many of you may have noticed, but Peak was down for a few hours this morning and yesterday. This was apparently the result of the site being hacked and someone deleting some important bits. We had to roll back the site to a week ago, as the most recent back up was after this issue arose. Because of this, several new things that had been done were lost and will have to be redone. The biggest thing that was effected by this was Pandanaconda’s Tomb Encounter Guides. He had written 8 of 9 bosses, but after the roll back, only 3 remained. They have been posted and added to the menu above, so if you’re interested in guides for Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, and Harjatan, they are available.

I’m working to increase the security of the site and increase the frequency of the backups so that it doesn’t happen again, and if it does, less is lost.



So last Tuesday, Windwalker’s got some buffs, just as Mythic was opening. This resulted in Windwalker’s seeing a 50k increase in damage, in the 75th percentile of Heroic logs on WCL. All specs gained damage as Mythic gear became available, but as you can see in those graphs, the bottom specs of Windwalker, Havoc, and Survival, moved closer to the middle. I have put together two spreadsheets with data, from WCL, about how WW compares to other specs after the first week of Heroic, and the first week of Mythic after the buffs:

As you can see, Windwalker didn’t really move up in the “rankings” on Heroic, but it did move closer to the average, by around .3-.4 standard deviations, which is a decent swing. In Normal there was a noticeable jump in where Windwalker is in the “rankings”, from 2nd from the bottom to 5th from the bottom at the 75th percentile.

In Mythic, Windwalker is starting off in a reasonable position, although sample sizes are comparatively small, and many will be skewed by the higher bosses that have even smaller sample sizes, as well as numerous groups using private logs.



I have been working for the past week or so, since the AMA, on putting together some data to show that there is a problem and what that problem may be. I have put together much of the information into a series of spreadsheets and an article about them will be coming later this week when I have the time.


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