This is the first real change of note on the 7.3 PTR as Blizzard has started rolling out the first iterations of the t21 tier bonuses (boni?). (SOURCE)

First, the real numbers will be added later as these are just placeholders for the ideas. Secondly, 2P bonus was clearly one suggested by the community, Fusky to be specific, back in April: (SOURCE), and re-mentioned, by me, in the AMA (SOURCE). Its also likely that the 4P bonus was tossed around at a similar time, as it sounds familiar.


How Strong?

Because there are no numbers, its hard to say how strong these tier bonuses will be, so I thought I’d look at what numbers would need to go in their places to be considered decent set bonuses. As a reference I used my character’s stats on my spreadsheet and looked at comparing these tier bonuses to the t19 set bonuses of 3s Rising Sun Kick reduction (2 piece) and 1500 mastery buff (4 piece). I chose the t19 bonuses because they were already in my spreadsheet and were strong tier bonuses without being overpowered.

Item – Monk T21 Windwalker 2P Bonus – Free Blackout Kick Damage Increase

On my spreadsheet, the t19 2pc bonus took the single target DPS from 984,381 to 1,042,325. To contrast, in order for the t21 2pc bonus to provide exactly the same DPS on my spreadsheet, it would have to increase the Blackout Kick damage by 476.29%, which is much higher than the original 300% that was suggested in the thread above.

Item – Monk T21 Windwalker 4P Bonus – Free Blackout Kick Generates Chi

The t19 4pc bonus takes the spreadsheet DPS from 1,042,325 to 1,082,013. In order for this t21 4pc bonus to be equivalent, it needed to provide at least 2.25 Chi back every Blackout Kick!. Realistically it needs to be slightly more, as getting this much Chi back, pushed the “Wait Time” into the negatives, meaning there are too many casts in the time frame. We’d functionally offset this by casting the very occasional Spinning Crane Kick in place of Blackout Kick to dump chi, but that causes a circular dependency in my spreadsheet and my head to hurt.


My Thoughts

I obviously like the idea of the 2P bonus, however I believe it should be the baseline functioning of Blackout Kick!, even if it means we lose the free cost (which I’d prefer). That being said, it **should** be an easy bonus to tune correctly and provide a decent single target damage if tuned correctly as well as providing a much needed benefit from the Blackout Kick! proc that has long maligned my life.

In regards to the 4P, I’m not as sold. It seems to be a direct move against what they said in the AMA (SOURCE) “While we don’t have plans to suddenly introduce a bunch of new RNG or important must-watch procs to Windwalkers currently…” Obviously, when they responded in the AMA, they didn’t mean that they would never add any more RNG elements to Windwalkers, it just seems odd to take the one RNG element we’ve already had, and add an RNG element on top of it.

More so, this tier bonus further devaules Haste because we won’t have enough GCD to use all the resources we have, and will likely make Haste even more useless as we’ll be swimming in Chi when using Serenity. To not have this problem, the average Chi generation would have to be much lower, like 1.5 Chi returned on average.

As such, I cannot see this 4P bonus going live without some pretty major changes, and I didn’t feel that strongly about the t20 bonuses which were changed seemingly half a dozen times. RNG resource generation just doesn’t sound like much fun, and would again add a level of dread to getting the Blackout Kick!  proc and having to worry about spending all the extra Chi while not wasting other resources.

TL:DR – Big fan of 2P, easy to tune, should be baseline (along with t19 2P). Not a fan of the 4P regardless of the numbers the provide to it.

Finally, these tier bonuses are far from final, as we saw with the t20 bonuses being changed just about right up till they were released. I am also heartened (whats the opposite of disheartened?) to see that they’re clearly seeing our feedback, even from months ago, and keeping it in their minds

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