Okay! This PTR build actually brings something noticeable enough for Mistweavers to warrant its own post; Tier 21 set bonuses.


Tier 21 Set Bonuses

Tier 21 2 Piece Bonus – When Gust of Mists heals a target, they gain Tranquil Mist for 8 seconds, absorbing 20% of the amount that Gust of Mists healed for.

This is worded a bit ambiguously; testing is needed to see if it only counts effective healing or all of its healing. Look at it as a 20% buff to Mastery: Gust of Mists. At current numbers, this looks to be a 2% healing gain in Tomb of Sargeras fights. Just an okay set bonus that should interact nicely with the 4 set. However, since the absorbs only lasts 8 seconds, the actual effective time to have people absorbing damage is small enough that absorbs will be wasted, and even worse is that the duration is small enough to only get one potential use out of the 4 piece.

Tier 21 4 Piece Bonus – When you cast Renewing Mist, you have a 15% chance to send a Chi Bolt at all targets affected by Tranquil Mist.

Tranquil Mist is the absorb from the 2 piece bonus. Testing needs to be done to see if the buff remains after the absorb has been used, but I don’t expect it to be competitive. Chi Bolt looks to heal for 25% of Spell power, a ridiculously low coefficient. To me, this looks like a consolation heal if the absorb isn’t gone. But even at the datamined 15% chance, it’s laughable.



These set bonuses are disappointing. They work similarly to previous tier sets in expansions past (Hellfire Citadel 2 set and Siege of Orgrimmar 4 set), but took the worst parts of both and put them together. Having the Tranquil Mist absorb work off of Mastery: Gust of Mists‘s healing will make the stat marginally stronger, no doubt. However, due to the stat’s utter uselessness in group healing, it remains one of the worst stats for Mistweaver’s healing. The 4 set is nearly useless; 15% chance on Renewing Mist cast, which only happens once per Tranquil Mist, for a pittance of healing, means there will rarely be a moment where equipping it will save someone’s life more than offset pieces that are better itemized for group healing.

Here’s hoping these are just PTR placeholder bonuses or numbers, or that there’s something in the works to make mastery more appealing in raids. Otherwise this set looks to be fantastic for Dungeons, but not much else.

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