We got another PTR Build that added the numbers to our t21 set bonuses: SOURCE


Let me start by saying that, it at least *appears* that they’ve listened to us about not wanting to add another RNG element to Windwalker’s rotation, by making the proc chance on the 4P 100%, so there’s the silver lining. They may return the RNG element to it by decreasing it from 100%, or leave it there as a placeholder till they rework it and take that part out. 

I wrote about these set bonuses previously, with my recommendations for how big the numbers would have to be for them to be roughly equivalent to the t19 set bonuses.

My recommendations were that the 2pc would have to be roughly 476.29% for the bonus to be the same, and the 4pc would have to provide at least 2.25 Chi or so. These numbers were based around my spreadsheet, not SimCraft and are just approximations, but as its all based on math, they should be pretty close.

Obviously these numbers aren’t quite the same as what I mathed out, and are around 1/3 of what I thought it would take. This is also just the first round of changes, and like we saw with the t20 bonuses, they can be buffed, flipped, nerfed, reversed, and all of the above, sometimes at the same time.

2P Bonus – Item – Monk T21 Windwalker 2P Bonus – Free Blackout Kick Damage Increase

Looking at my DPS on my spreadsheet, without any tier bonuses and my current stats, my character does 992,223 single target DPS. With the 2P bonus, that goes up to 1,015,321 DPS, for an increase of 2.33%. For reference, the t19 2P bonus increased to 1,056,441 DPS, or 6.47%, and the t20 2P bonus went up to 1,016,092 DPS, or 2.4% DPS. Considering we pretty much ignore the current t20 2P until we get the 4P, this isn’t a good sign for the current iteration of the t21 2P.


4P Bonus – Item – Monk T21 Windwalker 4P Bonus – Free Blackout Kick Generates Chi  

Looking strictly at the gain of the 4P bonus over the 2P bonus, t21 goes from 1,015,321 DPS to 1,033,199 DPS, for 1.76% gain. T19 was took DPS from 1,056,441 to 1,096,758, or 3.82%, and t20 went from 1,016,092 to 1,147,786, or 12.96% more DPS (which is pretty insane).


2P + 4P

Lastly, looking at my spreadsheet, the 2/4P bonus increases DPS to 1,033,119 DPS in single target, 4.12% over no tier bonuses at all. Compare that to 1,096,758 DPS with t19 2/4P (10.54%), and 1,147,786 DPS with t20 2/4P (15.68%), it is pretty seriously underwhelming.


These are the first numbers we’ve gotten, and there’s certainly room for growth and numbers changing, or even mechanical changes, or total overhauls of the tier bonuses, who knows. What I do know is that, based on the math of my spreadsheet, these numbers are pretty far from what is needed to be a competitive tier bonus, specially with how strong the current “6P” bonus is.

My personal opinion is that I still don’t like the 4P bonus’s design, as it will speed up the rotation, and I prefer a slower rotation. With all the chi provided by Energizing Elixir and the fact that Blackout Kick! is free, providing another chi is essentially a 2 Chi swing for the same damage, this Chi has to be used somewhere, and there will be a lot of it. With the likely loss of the t19 bonus, and t20 2P bonus not being strong enough for us to likely want to use it with the t21 4P bonus, we’ll be casting Blackout Kick ALOT, and maybe even needing to use Spinning Crane Kick to dump Chi.

A secondary effect that I left out of the last article, was that these tier bonuses do make The Wind Blows stronger, as it gives a free Blackout Kick! that now does increased damage and gives Chi back. This also increases the value of Whirling Dragon Punch in a way as well, because you will use Tiger Palm more frequently due to not having Serenity to make things free. More Tiger Palm = more use of t21 bonuses. Whether its enough to swing the pendulum back to Whirling Dragon Punch will remain to be seen.

As always, I’ll continue to write new articles about any future PTR changes.

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