*This was written in the middle of raid, so if I goofed anything… woops*

We have a new round of PTR changes for 7.3. Rather than list them all out, here’s a link.

TL:DR – Nearly all of our abilities had the 22% Aura baked in, and the Aura was reduced from 22% to 5%.

What this means

It means that they decided to finally take the aura we have and put it into the base damage of the abilities, increasing the base damage of most of our abilities by 22%. They also only reduced The Aura from 22% to 5%, so technically we had 22% damage baked into most abilities and then had another 5% added on top. This is overall a buff. However, this isn’t simply a 5% buff as there were several abilities that weren’t mentioned, although this may have been intentional or oversight. Lets pretend its intentional.

Chi Wave and Eye of the Tiger were previously on The Aura, but are not listed now. If they’ve been removed then its effectively a 22% nerf for their damage. Coupled with the buff to Chi Burst, this would make Chi Burst much closer on single target and almost certainly worthwhile taking any time there are more than one target. This is technically the situation now, but most people prefer to use Chi Wave  because its an instant cast and half the cooldown, however with this change we’d very likely just use Chi Burst with multiple targets and find spots to use it on cooldown. It is possible, as I said, that this is just an oversight, or that its intentional.

Update: Chi Wave and Eye of the Tiger are still listed as having 22% aura rather than the 22% baked in. Why this could be… who knows. Rushing Jade Wind is also in this same situation. In fact, they’re listed as having their own 22% part of the aura, meaning that they get BOTH 22% and 5%, so that they’re getting the 5% buff like everything else.

Also it looks like Crosswinds was added to The Aura which provides a smidge more single target damage.

Overall, this is around a 4.5% damage increase over what we have now. Although its a gain in DPS, its not an improvement in our scaling. The issues we have in scaling aren’t fixed, if anything like I said in my previous article, these changes make scaling ever so slightly worse.

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