Blizzard has released the official 7.3 Patch notes, along with the announcement that Patch 7.3 will become live in the US on August 29th, which is just about what we all expected. Blizzard is keeping to the trend of releasing patches every 77 days, which means that Patch 7.3.5, and the new raid Antorus “should” be released on November 14, 2017.


Nearly all damage sources are now covered by Versatility, and these were two that didn’t need to be left out.

The Rushing Jade Wind buff isn’t actually a functional buff. It turns out that it was doing less, in game, than we thought it would due to a mix up with the Windwalker Aura not affecting it the way it was supposed to. This is just a fix to that. No one really noticed until very very recently because no one plays Rushing Jade Wind. This buff WILL NOT make any difference in the fact that Rushing Jade Wind is not used at all.

Now, to the one I’ve all been waiting for. Touch of Death and Touch of Karma now have their damage increased by Versatility. This is really only a 0.5% damage increase overall, depending on your current Versatility, as both abilities combine for around 6-7% of your overall damage. (0.5% is based on my character on my spreadsheet, which has around 8% Versatility) The absorb of Touch of Karma is completely uneffected.

However, the most important part of this is that it helps our scaling, and it puts us on a level playing field with other specs so that we have 100% Versatility scaling. This *should* allow Blizzard to better assess Windwalker’s stat scaling moving forward in the future. If you’ve been keeping up with this site since the Reddit AMA, you’ve seen that I’ve spent A LOT of time working on stuff revolving around stat scaling, with this Versatility issue being a major aspect of those discussions. While this Versatility change doesn’t “fix” Windwalker’s stat scaling, it does certainly help.

Using my new, and improved 7.3 Spreadsheet, these changes brought Versatility’s weight from 26.447 to 28.261, and made it my most valuable stat. Its less than 2 DPS more per Versatility rating than previously, but that’s actually a pretty big swing as far as stat changes go.

This also doesn’t address the other issues: these two abilities still cannot Crit, hurting our Crit scaling, and they’re not effected by Haste, along with Strike of the Windlord, which hurts our Haste scaling quite a lot. However, it is a step in the right direction, and at least levels the playing field that Blizzard has stated they use to compare stat scaling across specs. If there are further issues and areas for improvement, these should make them easier to identify and fix in the future.

Many people are going to attribute the work I did to these changes, and while much of that is correct, there were many other people involved in helping me test these things, communicating them to Blizzard in a manner that would hopefully see the changes that we’re seeing, so its not purely my praise to take.


Is that it?

Yes, thats pretty much it. All the other changes we’ve seen so far concerning 7.3 are DPS neutral with what we are now, as the largest of the changes was “baking in” the Windwalker Aura into the abilities it affected. This means that your DPS on Monday, August 28th, should be nearly identical to that on Tuesday, August 29th, if you’re in the US. There may always be more changes later this week, or shortly into 7.3 if balancing is needed. As usual, if it affects Windwalkers, it will be found here.

The changes to Versatility will likely make it the most useful stat for most geared monks, so be sure to check through sims if you should switch around your enchants or not.


New Spreadsheet

As I mentioned above, I have spent the past few weeks retooling much of the spreadsheet in preparation for the changes happening 7.3, mainly the Netherlight Crucible. This means that the previous 7.2.5 version will no longer be supported. I took many suggestions from users about what tools you found the most useful, which turned out to be all of them, and made sure that those things worked as well as they could.

What’s Different:

The biggest change is how casts are handled. Previously, I rounded the casts of many abilities to reflect a more realistic view of how many casts you could get off in the time frame you suggested. This had its benefits and drawbacks. It made things more realistic, but also limited some tools, like calculating the value of Split Personality relics. Now, I have done away with the rounding, so that it will do fractions of casts. This allows it to act more like SimulationCraft, as an “average” of what can be done in the time frame. It also allows for Split Personality relics to consistently have a value. It does, however, mean that the spreadsheet is even more “perfect” than before, and more “perfect” than SimCraft. By “perfect” I mean that it doesn’t delay abilities, it doesn’t use them in any particular order based on a priority, it makes no rotational decisions whatsoever. It casts the absolutely maximum amount of every ability in the time frame. This means that the DPS is not realistic, but it allows a higher level of accuracy for nearly every available tool.

I also updated the relic tool to allow for use of the Netherlight Cruicible changes. There is a new chart that tells you the worth of the Netherlight Traits, similar to how Relics work. The trait ranks can go up to 8, to match the new maximum, and the tool that allows you to compare relics has been revamped to show you the item level benefit of both relics with all three options that each relic can have now.

I did some other cleaning up of the codes to make things easier to understand and easier for me to make changes in the future, and cut down a little on the size of it. I did away with a few of the tools that were not complete, for the time being, mainly the Comparison and Openers tabs.

Here’s a link to the new spreadsheet:


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