Remember this is only on the PTR, NOT LIVE!!

Well, people were concerned that we’d be using the “6 piece” into t21, and this pretty much takes care of that. Ask and ye shall receive, don’t say they don’t listen. Not the way I would have done it, and certainly doesn’t mean this will be the last change we’ll see in regards to the PTR, but.. there you go. There is still a few weeks for continued tuning to… well, continue.

This will obviously be a nerf to us as we start Antorus, assuming 7.3.2 is when Antorus is released. My spreadsheet puts it at about 5% if you have the “6 piece”, but that number seems high, so don’t take it as correct until we can get some SimC to back it up. I know the t20 4pc was a REAL pain to implement in my spreadsheet, so I may not have adjusted it correctly.

Functionally it also means that we’ll likely see the use of the legendary chest pop back in faster than anticipated, in coupling with bracers, belt, or helm. It also means that many people may gain damage by switching out the t19 2pc bonus for higher item level gear. I’ll try to have that information ready before its needed, as always.


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