There were further hotfix changes to the spec and bonuses. Check out the Hotfix article for the information.

Patch Time!

7.3.2 is going live. For information on all that it encompasses, check out WoWHead’s Page. NOTE:  Although this is the “Antorus patch”, Antorus isn’t being released until a, currently unannounced, later date. This means that the t21 bonuses that are… less than what we want… still *theoretically* have time to be “tweaked”.


What it means for Windwalkers:

Yeah, thats it, and yeah, this sucks. Its anywhere between 5% and 8% damage loss depending on what  you look at (my spreadsheet vs simc with unoptimized APL)

Realistically, this doesn’t change that we still currently desire the “6 piece” over any legendary combination. It does, however, cut the item level point that you’d get rid of the t19 2pc. Update: Based on today’s testing, the t20 2pc is worth 25 ilvl, t20 4pc is worth around 50 ilvl above that, and t19 is worth about 60 ilvl if you have the t20 4pc. You still should sim your gear combinations, just be less surprised if you’re told to drop the 2pc bonus in favor of higher item level gear.

Getting 4 RSK during Serenity is possible, just requires around 13% haste, more accounting for latency and other factors. This is still likely not a large enough increase to make a haste “cap”, but something to keep in mind.


The Future:

While Windwalkers are losing damage today, and the t21 tier bonuses are… lackluster, there will be a large balance patch following Antorus’s actual release. So far, in Legion, Windwalkers have benefited from balancing changes and been moved back into “good enough”. With how difficult the next few weeks may be for Windwalkers, there will be ample evidence that Windwalkers deserve the buffs they should receive, whether that’s through an aura buff or another method. With any hope, Windwalkers will be sufficiently buffed so that the spec is among the strongest melee DPS specs, maybe as a reward for how difficult this expansion has been for the spec. We can only hope.

If you don’t like how the t21 tier bonuses feel on the PTR, tell Blizzard through our PTR thread:

I will add, as our community seems to be dwindling, and optimism is at an all time low; that I believe any decision to leave the spec should be based on the playstyle that we have to play, more than DPS. Regardless of what people have said, Windwalkers have been “good enough” for any content so far this expansion, and will continue to be in Antorus. Blizzard has done a great job of appropriately buffing Windwalkers when the damage has been low. Have Windwalkers been overall strong in recent raids? No. But they have been “good enough” that there is no reason for players to leave a spec they enjoy playing because of DPS numbers.

If you enjoy playing Windwalker, then play Windwalker, and show the uninformed what the spec is capable of, and that it is not a spec to be discarded as not being good enough for whatever content the uninformed claim. Many of us, myself included, will continue to work hard to get Windwalker and its players the help that it/we need to be taken seriously in the larger Warcraft community, but part of that comes from people not being so easily swayed by the whims of the masses or the order of the colored bars.

Keep walking the wind.


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