Relics & The Netherlight Crucible

Relics are a means of customizing the potency and use of your artifact. This section will touch on which traits to find relics for, as well as where you can find these different relics. Brewmasters can use Life, Storm, and Iron relics.

Basic Relic Priority

You can go for two kinds of relics, more or less. Defensive or Offensive.

Other relics do not provide as sufficient benefits to you, even if there is an ilvl increase. Try to get these traits above if at all possible.

The Netherlight Crucible

The Netherlight Crucible, unlocked once you finish the Argus campaign, allows you to empower your relics, granting you increased item level on Fu Zan, additional ranks in artifact traits, and new secondary powers. If you are unfamiliar with the Netherlight Crucible, it has three tiers of bonuses for each relic: Tier 1 is a flat +5 weapon item level bonus. Tier 2 is a proc or passive effect which provides damage, healing, shielding, or a stat. Tier 3 is a new rank in an artifact trait. The choices are shaped in a pyramid. Tier 2 as two choices, while Tier 3 has three. Depending on which Tier 2 bonus you pick, you can only pick two of the three Tier 3 options. For example, if you pick the left Tier 2 option, you can only pick either the left or middle Tier 3 rank. As well, the artifact traits on Tier 3 cannot be the same trait that you get on the relic. So Face Palm relics will never have Face Palm as a Tier 3 option. However, you can have multiple ranks of the Tier 2 bonuses. Having such simply makes their effects stronger by a magnitude equal to the number of ranks you have (i.e. 3 ranks in a Tier 2 power makes it 3 times as powerful)

Like picking your relics, we basically have two priorities: a Defensive relic build and an Offensive relic build. It is also worth mentioning that while the basic relic priority is fairly strict on which traits to go after, the Crucible can make that somewhat flexible. For example, if you are trying to build for DPS and have a Draught of Darkness relic with a good Tier 2 bonus and an accessible Face Palm trait for Tier 3, feel free to equip that relic.

Defensive Crucible Priority

  1. Relic Choice: any relic with Hot Blooded or Potent Kick
  2. Tier 3 Bonus Trait: Hot Blooded or Potent Kick, whichever is not on the relic
  3. Tier 2 Power: In priority: Refractive Shell, Secure in the Light, ShadowbindChaotic Darkness

Offensive Crucible Priority

  1. Relic Choice: Face Palm
  2. Tier 2 Power: In priority: Torment the WeakShadowbindChaotic Darkness
  3. Tier 3 Bonus Trait: In priority: Draught of Darkness, Gifted StudentHot Blooded


Relic Sources

So now that we know what kind of relics to go after, below is a list of all the locations and bosses which drop our relics of choice.


7.0 Dungeons

Return to Karazhan

Emerald Nightmare


Tomb of Sargeras

Antorus, The Burning Throne