Portal Keeper Hasabel



  • Chi Burst lines up pretty well with the Collapsing World impact
  • Revival is useful for the first and third portal phases, but can also be a life-saver if something goes wrong and imps stay alive too long or you get an unfortunate overlap
  • Don’t use Diffuse Magic if you’re carrying a a portal debuff as it will dispel you (obviously unless you want to dispel it at that point).
  • If you’re doing platforms, your mobility is really handy. You can set up a Transcendence to get around more quickly. You can also roll from the portal platform onto the main platform, which is slightly quicker than taking the portal (just be careful you don’t roll into the green lines on the ground)

Melee Immunity

Mistweavers can’t get Felsilk Wrap on Lady Dacidion’s platform

Wowhead Guide

Normal/heroic guide

Mythic guide