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Chronomatic Anomaly



Spellblade Aluriel


High Botanist Tel’arn

Star Augur Etraeus

Grand Magistrix Elisande


Elisande is a fight with a lot of AoE damage that tones down as she go to her next Phase because of Stars, it’ll hit all the raid during the first Phase causing a lot of damage, it’ll hit half your raid during Phase 2 and it’ll hit 2/3 people during Phase 3. Also the red add that pops during all the fight will pulse with pulse that will deal more damage with each cast and will be another great source of AoE damage to your raid, meaning EF will be your main tool dealing with the fight damage pattern alongside CB.

Also since there will be a lot of damage in the first phase and then less during the following I strongly recommend you to talent into Sotc so you can regen during the downtimes in Phase 2 and 3 from all the mana spent in Phase 1 and have enough mana to keep up with the more bursty events coming up.

Phase 1 :

During this phase you’ll mainly have to deal with Stars and pulse while dodging ring. You can and should Revival and chiji early so you can recast it in Phase 2 and then in Phase 3. There’s nothing much about this phase, just a lot of damage you’ll have to heal through so don’t hesitate to blow your MT early so you don’t burn all your mana.

Phase 2 :

During this phase the boss will use two additional abilities that you need to watch-out for : Orb and beam as both will deal focused damage on several players (5 to 6 for 20), it can be a nice idea to drop some EF usage at this point to do more focused healing on these players (Orb soakers or people affected by the beams) with vivify as needed.

Also the boss will affect your tanks withExplosion so keep an eye out on your tanks debuff and top off of players soaking orbs or being affected by the beams before your tank explode so they do not dying from the cumulate burst damage.

Phase 3 :

During this phase will no negligible damage so the only damage threatening your raid will be Burst. Your raid leader should assign people to different time bubbles so they don’t burst at the same time, letting you time to recover from each burst. Since they are the only burst of damage at this point you’ll want to use your Revival on this event, it’s also very good as its instant healing will help your raid getting outside the danger-zone after a burst.

Elisande will also cast dot on 4 targets sometimes, these players will need some more focused healing to help them survive throughBurst.

Throughout all the phases your tanks shouldn’t take that much damage so you shouldn’t have to monitor their health more than usual, let Paladins and Druids take care of them so you can use your mana more efficiently to heal the raid.

And make sure to take as much FT debuffs as possible (2 per red add killed) as it will increase your hot output acting like a free BL but it will also increase your natural mana regen, effectively amping it up by 30% for its duration.

On this fight Diffuse Magic is a clear winner, when used you can survive a tick of Ring, you can safely soak an Orb, it offers good surviviability for Burst… Since every damage event on this fight is bursty and magical the two other talents can’t compete with Diffuse Magic.

Otherwise there isn’t much avoidable damage that’s not fatal on Elisande, the main thing you need to focus on is correctly dodging the Ring, it’s fairly easy and you shouldn’t panic when you see the ring closing in on you as the SlowB will slow some rings down to open a path.

On Elisande we are immune to pool meaning we don’t have to hug the wall when she’s about to cast it saving us some movement. (Be careful as we’re not immune to Leave when the boss is pulled or after each phase transition, be sure to position yourself correctly for these).

TP allows you to blink through an ring if you time it right, but considering how easy it is to dodge it with Roll/torpedo this is trick isn’t very valuable unless you found yourself far away the SlowB bubble and have no other option to dodge an incoming ring.

Our mobility and powerful defensive cooldown make us a great orb soaker, even if you’re not assigned to soaking try to keep an eye out to quickly move to an orb if one of your fellow raiders fails to get to his orb in time.

It can be pretty hard to exploit the DR on cb on this fight because the raid will be either stacked in melee or spread out, you can squeeze some more healing by sitting in melee and targeting some ranged when they are spread out but don’t sweat too much about it.

In Mythic difficulty stars and burst will do a lot of damage especially as the red add will have more HP and thus will be able to get more casts out than usual (it’s more noticeable during Phase 2 as it can easily force some raid cooldowns for when it’s alive and you’re busy dodging ring.

Every ability the boss casts will echo in the following phases, meaning you will want your phases to end before precise ability cast like Orbs or rings so they will not be replicated for the rest of the fight. This will set some DPS-checks and you can help your raid meeting them by DPS-ing (and that’s why sotc is even more recommended in Mythic difficulty)

This will also mean there will be beams during Phase 3 so there will be more healing to provide in this phase and will make burst way more deadlier.

Also considering all the damage during the fight, the blast cast by the blue add will be may more deadly than before, be ready to throw some ST healing on people being blasted at wrong times (keeping your stacks of SG for this isn’t a bad idea and LC will save lives)