Krosus NH

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Chronomatic Anomaly



Spellblade Aluriel


High Botanist Tel’arn

Star Augur Etraeus

Grand Magistrix Elisande


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Krosus is a pretty straightforward boss, he will cast throughout the fight Orb of Destruction which deal magic damage which are reduced the further away you are from the impact, Slam which will create two zones that have to be soaked by tanks and will deal huge physical damage to all the raid and Burning pitch which will create small zones all over the bridge which have to be soaked or they will pop a small add, each zone soaked inflict moderate magic damage. Krosus will also inflict Searing Brand on your tanks that will deal a lot of magic damage on your tank as a DoT.

As a Mistweaver you will want to be in melee dealing damage during the first 30seconds of the fight as Krosus won’t cast any of his ability, tanks can handle the first stacks without your help and the enrage timer is tight so any damage will help you kill the boss before your hit that timer.

Talenting into Spirit of the Crane can be quite profitable as the fight is very bursty and have small downtimes here and there allowing you to regen your mana while contributing to some damage, but if you feel your tanks are getting shredded you can spec into Lifecycles as you can cycle pretty efficiently here.

You can get 2 uses of Revival and Chi-ji, Chi-ji can be used on the first Orb of Destruction but Revival should be kept for the second or third Slam as the first one is easily recovered without anything as it’s followed by a Fel Beam. You should also use your Delicious Cake on the first Orb and then on CD, netting your up to 3 uses depending on your fight length.

Once you’ve sorted out your CD usage, just be sure to use Chi Burst as much as possible and use Essence Font coupled with UT Vivify to heal throughout the fight

You have two options here :

-Take Diffuse magic to be able to soak more than one Burning pitch without putting yourself in danger, also it’s short CD sync perfectly with each cast, allowing you to use it on every soak of the fight.

-Take healing elixirs to have a little help on the regular bursts of the fight, you can use your elixirs right before a Slam if you are too low to survive it, its short CD allows you use it frequently as the fight is all about surviving those frequent bursts of damage.

Also you should stay at melee (you should already be there as you should be dealing some damage when you can) to reduce the damage from Orb of kek.

On this fight our melee immunity prevent us from being targeted by the Orb of kek allowing us to stay in melee and not having to keep mobility banked.

There is no other ability that’s targeted on the fight (except the blasts from the adds but they target everyone and your group should work toward not letting a single one being cast !).

Even though the fight is pretty straightforward there is some little tips that can help your raid and yourself.

You should put your mobility in use and help soak the Pitch that are far in the back of the bridge and then come back into melee range, it’s important to soak the pitch as it’ll reduce the attention needed by your damage dealers to kill/interrupt them.
/!\ Be sure to use diffuse magic if you’re soaking in the back of the bridge during the Orb -> Pitch -> Orb event /!\

Be sure to always be either in front of your melees or behind your ranged when casting Chi burst so you are sure to hit all your raid and also getting more heal out of it through the diminishing return reset (see next for a sketchy paint drawing)

This fight doesn’t change for us in Mythic, every ability will just deal more damage and the boss will have much more HP, making the fight last longer and the enrage timer becoming a concern.

As the fight becomes overall less forgiving, be sure to be above 60%hp when a Slam hits, talent into Legsweep and use it on the adds as they will deal a lot more of damage and each cast they do may end up in a dead raid member as you won’t have time to recover before the next Slam/Orb hit.