Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane / Lifecycles

Lifecycles can be used as you will be casting Enveloping Mist onto people with the Crashing Comet debuff

  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic
  • Level 90: Invoke Chi-ji, the Red Crane

Melee Immunity:

  • Infernal Spikes will not spawn under you, but will spawn under other ranged players near you


  • Use Revival in conjunction with Shattering Star
  • Watch any raid member with the Crashing Comet debuff as they will be taking additional damage
  • Use Diffuse Magic or Fortifying Brew during Shattering Star to ensure you live through the burst damage



Goroth is the first boss in Tomb of Sargeras and as such has very simple mechanics. His three main damaging abilities are Shattering Star, Crashing Comet, and Infernal Burning.

Shattering Star causes a large rolling ball to fire out of the boss towards a target and do raid wide damage. Make sure to line up Essence Font / Refreshing Jade Wind / Mana Tea and other cooldowns to top people off quickly.

Crashing Comet is a targeted debuff that does AoE damage around when it expires to you and any targets inside of the circle, along with applying a debuff. Just position yourself away from the group if you are targeted or move away from anyone that has the debuff on them. Keep an eye on players who have this debuff.

Infernal Spikes will also periodically spawn around the room. You are immune to them spawning under you, so stick to melee and you should never have to worry about moving out away from their spawn point. Do note their position as you will need to use them for both Shattering Star and Infernal Burning.

For CD usage, Revival after a Shattering Star will provide the most benefit. So try and use it early and then line it up with any additional Shattering Stars as it comes off cooldown. Other than that there is not a lot of additional damage going out. Spot heal and watch people with the Crashing Comet debuff as needed.


Diffuse Magic is the clear winner on this fight. All of the major damaging abilities are magic based. You should use Diffuse Magic or Fortifying Brew during a Shattering Star, especially if you also have the Crashing Comet debuff on you.

Other than that there are no other heavy damage points in the fight.


You can use Transcend to quickly move out of melee towards an Infernal Spike during the Infernal Burning or Shattering Star abilities. This is a small optimization. Other than that the boss is fairly simple.


There are two additions of note to the Mythic version of this fight. The Infernal Spike now deal a small amount of AoE damage to the raid when destroyed. Also, there is now a soaking mechanic included called Rain of Brimstone. You will more than likely be soaking with the melee group, so just follow them. Get ready to use a defensive if Crashing Comet overlaps with Rain of Brimstone as the combination will put you low depending on the number of people soaking.