Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic
  • Level 90: Refreshing Jade Wind

Melee Immunity:

  • None


  • Avoid as many Drenched stacks as possible
  • Kite the Razorjaw Gladiators to avoid spreading Drenched
  • Plan out your CDs for Draw in Phases


This is one of the more simple fights. Most of the time your raid is stacked so it is perfect to take Refreshing Jade Winds and keep it on CD while AoE damage goes out to the Raid.

Heavy AoE damage occurs at two mechanics. The first is Unchecked Rage. Upon reaching 100 energy Harjatan deals heavy damage split on players in front of him. When your raid stacks to soak it make sure you hit everyone with your Chi Burst and keep Refreshing Jade Wind on CD until everyone is topped off again.

The second mechanic is Draw in. The damage is split into two parts. The first is Frigid Blows where Harjatan deals raid-wide damage for each Drenching Water he soaked up. The second is Frosty Discharge at the end of Draw in, which deals raid-wide frost damage and removes all Drenched stacks. To bring up your raid quickly you can use your Revival after the Frosty Discharge and Mana Tea at this phase. If you are staying on top of melee, you can keep Refreshing Jade Wind up for the majority of this phase.


This fight is mostly about positioning. Keep away from Drenching Waters. Keep in mind as the longer the fight lasts, the more damage will Draw in deal. You may wanna use Fortifying Brew and Diffuse Magic early and hold onto it for later.


During Draw In, make use of Roll and Transcendence to move to clear areas of the boss area, allowing for easier dodging. You can make use of Spirit of the Crane between Unchecked Rage casts. This helps your mana regeneration and you will have more available for Fridge Blows is which the more healing intensive portion of the fight.


The only new mechanic is that eggs will spawn in the corners of the room and you need to break at least one of them. Nothing specific to healers, just more damage going out to heal. The remaining abilities are the same as Heroic.