Mistweaver PvE: Gear


This section of the guide is devoted to noteworthy gear from any relevant content, as well as Recommended Gear for Tomb of Sargeras. This includes armor and relics, but not trinkets. Trinkets are in their own post later in the guide.

Tomb of Sargeras

The following list is a ranking of the power of stats on tier gear compared to off-pieces. The top four are the best itemized pieces while retaining the tier bonus:

  1. Xuen’s Shoulderguards
  2. Xuen’s Cloak
  3. Xuen’s Tunic
  4. Xuen’s Legguards
  5. Xuen’s Gauntlets
  6. Xuen’s Helm

Together, the Two and Four piece bonuses are worth about 52 iLvLs.


With Best in Slot lists being outdated thanks to all the RNG in the loot system, the following list are the best itemized pieces for Mistweavers in Tomb, ignoring any RNG.


The Nighthold

With the tier 19 bonuses, more emphasis is placed on Vivify, giving it more priority for relics.


This list refers to the power of each piece of tier gear overall. If you must replace one for a legendary item (or Drape of Shame before 7.2), follow this.

  1. Hood of Enveloped Dissonance
  2. Gloves of Enveloped Dissonance
  3. Pauldrons of Enveloped Dissonance
  4. Leggings of Enveloped Dissonance
  5. Tunic of Enveloped Dissonance
  6. Cloak of Enveloped Dissonance

The Two Piece bonus is worth 13 ilvls between all pieces you swap in, and the combination between 2 piece and 4 piece is a 52 ilvl difference.


With Best in Slot lists outdated due to the Warforged system, as well as tertiary stats and sockets being RNG factors into gear, the list below would be the best gear available to us in Nighthold, if there were no RNG elements applied.


Drape of Shame

Since it was introduced in 7.1, Return to Karazhan has had the best healer cloak in the game, Drape of Shame, increasing any healing spells that critically hit for an extra 10%. This lead to the baseline version of the cloak being better than most Mythic Nighthold capes. However, with 7.2’s launch, the equip effect of Drape of Shame has been cut in half, leading to more options while gearing up.

In 7.2, with the release of M+ Lower Karazhan, the effect of Drape of Shame will come into question. In that case, use Miimi and Josh’s Drape Comparison spreadsheet with stat weights from Garg’s Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet to compare Drape of Shame with another cloak.