Mistweaver PvE: Legendaries

by | Mar 20, 2017 |

Mistweaver Specific Legendaries


Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas

With this equipped, any Vivify you cast while Uplifting Trance is active will heal another person, and Uplifting Trance will make Vivify heal for 50% more. Definitely make the Tier 19 Mistweaver 2 Piece Bonus worthwhile to keep equipped for the increase to Uplifting Trance procs.


Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher

Each tick of Soothing Mist increases the absorb of Life Cocoon by 3%, stacking up to 150% (50 stacks). This allows Life Cocoon‘s HoT amp effect to remain longer on the target, to be healed by the Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist applied through the Mists of Life artifact trait.

Each tick from Unison Spaulders‘s Unison channel adds onto the Collidus the Warp-Watcher’s Gaze buff.


Leggings of the Black Flame

Every time you press Thunder Focus Tea, you gain one of five random buffs that empower one of the spells that Thunder Focus Tea can empower.

Spell IDs for each buff:


Ovyd’s Winter Wrap

Every tick of Enveloping Mist has a 50% chance to spread the healing bonus of Enveloping Mist (baseline 30%, 40% with Mist Wrap) to an ally within 30 yards.


Petrichor Lagniappe

Every time you cast Renewing Mist, the cooldown of Revival is reduced by 2 seconds. I have a spreadsheet (link here) updated with Tendrils of Revival to see the cooldown reduction of Revival from Petrichor Lagniappe.


Shelter of Rin

15% of the effective healing (not counting overheal) of Sheilun’s Gift is duplicated onto all targets with Renewing Mist active on them.


Unison Spaulders

Half of your Soothing Mist healing is replicated on a target within 15 yards. This includes any external boosts, like if you’re channeling Soothing Mist onto a target with Enveloping Mist on them.


Shared Legendaries


Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus

Provides a damage absorb equal to 25% of your maximum health every 30 seconds. Has a lot of secondary stats, even for a neck slot.


Sephuz’s Secret

In addition to its stats, you also gain 2% Haste and 10% movement speed when you equip it. Whenever you successfully apply Paralysis, Song of Chi-Ji, or Leg Sweep to an enemy, or successfully dispell an ally with Detox, this bonus increases to 25% Haste and 70% movement speed for 10 seconds. You can only gain this bonus every 30 seconds.


The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge

After killing an enemy, you speed increases, stacking for a minute. If this buff reaches 5 stacks, you can fly out of combat.


Velen’s Future Sight

For 10 seconds after using this trinket, all healing is increased by 15% and 50% of any overhealing is redistributed to 3 nearby allies. NEVER macro this with another ability. Chi Burst heals for a lot already, with a high penchant for overhealing, so using Chi Burst while the effect is up is a great idea. Another way to use this is with Essence Font spam during Mana Tea.