Hi I’m Fankine and I play Mistweaver in Quichons, EU-Elune. I’m a 23 years old Engineering student living in France, outside of World of Warcraft I like to play a bunch of other games and when I decide to leave my basement I also play Tennis.

I began playing WoW at the release of Wrath of Lich King, I’ve raided casually as a lot of class up until Warlords of Draenor where I decided to raid more seriously and mained a Restoration Shaman for the first tier (Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry), then I switched to my Mistweaver mid-progress during Hellfire Citadel and maintained overall high rankings ever since. I started writting guides and get more involved into Mistweaver’s community during HFC farm and the Legion preparation.

I do not stream as my connection won’t allow me to but I plan to record my fights during Tomb as I recently upgraded my PC.
Do not hesitate to contact me through Bnet or Discord (but you’ll usually get a faster asnwer through discord !)

battlenet Fankine#2800