Teachings of the Red Crane – Mistweaver Spreadsheet


The spreadsheet linked at the bottom of this page will enable you to get tailored stat priorities for your Mistweaver based off your own playstyle and logs. It might look overwhelming at first, but go slowly and follow the written guide (or watch the excellent video guide made by Dhaubbs further down the page) to get your stat weights, compare relics, and evaluate trinkets.


The sheet has been changed to work off of YOUR OWN LOGS. No more profiles for rough approximations. If you make a copy and plug in stats without inputting your own logs, then the weights WILL BE WRONG.

Log Setup

Getting the sheet up and running is now much more involved, but the trade off for the setup is now a much more accurate sheet. Follow the steps below to import your logs from WarcraftLogs and WoW Analyzer.

  1. From WarcraftLogs:
    1. Translate the log to English, if it isn’t already.
    2. Go to the Healing tab and select your own healing breakdown.
    3. In the bottom right corner is a button labeled “CSV”. Click that and download it; it’s ridiculously small.
      1. Open the file in Notepad or a similar program.
      2. If Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane was used during the fight, find its line in the CSV and delete “, the Red Crane” (the comma is important), as well as the entire lines containing Crane Heal and Leech that are directly underneath Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane.
      3. Select all of the CSV and copy it.
  2. In the spreadsheet’s Player Logs page:
    1. In the block where you’ll be inputting all of this logs information, delete all of the data in the green blocks (Range D13:M36).
    2. Paste the CSV in the upper left most green block, Cell D13.
      1. Click on the Paste Formatting option at the bottom of the newly-pasted data and select “Split Text to Columns”.
    3. In the “Overheal” column, turn any cells that are colored orange to 0.00%.
    4. From WarcraftLogs:
      1. Go to the “Casts” tab and input the lowest number for both Chi Burst and Refreshing Jade Wind. This is due to each spells’ heal event (and damage event for Chi burst) being counted as its own separate cast.
      2. Input Fight Length.
      3. Input Mana Remaining. Go to the “Resources” tab and select “Mana”. Hover over the line at the end of the fight and copy that number into the correct cell.
      4. Input Absorbless Damage Taken per Second. Go to the “Damage Taken” tab and click on “Self Absorbs” and “External Absorbs” until they are not underlined. Find your name and input the Damage Taken per Second number into the corresponding cell.
    5. Run the log through WoW Analyzer, editing the relevant orange cells with the correct information. Note: This step is for players with logs that are publically available for the site to sift through. Private logs have no easy way to do this.
      1. Use the Player Log Data tab as well as this guide by Anomoly, the Mistweaver contributor to the analyzer, to quickly populate the side bar of the spreadsheet.

Further Setup & Results

Now that logs are in order and set up for your specific circumstance, we can now look into setting up the spreadsheet for all the results that come with it in the Setup, Results, & Tools page.



  • Player Stats – Enter in your unbuffed character stat ratings (without Flask, Augment Runes, etc.) from your character sheet.
  • Tier Sets – Load in relevant tier bonuses, whether the data be passive bonuses or loading in bonuses from player-entered logs.
  • Fight Mana – Adds external mana, whether from a mana potion or a Retribution Paladin’s Blessing of Wisdom.
  • Pre-Fight Options – Adds external buffs in the form of racial passives, food, flasks, etc.
  • +HPS Items – Loads in the bonuses from items that have unique effects in order to see how they would have affected overall healing if equipped.
  • Talents – Loads in talents that are present in player-entered logs; not used for comparing talents, as there won’t be data to load into the sheet.
  • Artifact – Input your Sheilun, Staff of the Mists‘s traits and item level for the relic comparison tool to be as accurate as possible.
  • Which Weights? – Toggles whether you want the sheet to load in the weights for the single log you’ve entered in Player Logs page, or to use the average of multiple logs copied from previous logs in the User Logs page.


Results, Display Options, and Tools



  • Stat Weights – The power of your next gain of Intellect, Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility on HPS, normalized to Intellect at 1.00.
  • iLvL Value of Relics – Simply that; the iLvL of Artifact Relics to add to their total iLvL given to Sheilun, Staff of the Mists in order to determine upgrades.
  • Spell Breakdown – Emulates the rough percentage of how much healing each spell of yours did in the specific log entered. Won’t be 100% accurate because of variables in targets hit with PBAoEs, Critical Strike variances, etc.
  • Equip Effect of Legendaries – Looks at just the effect (not the stats) of legendary items, based on data from logs. Only use this when comparing legendary items to other pieces.


Display Options

  • Trinket Display Options – This block compares the item level of trinkets from specific instance types at specific difficulties for both the Throughput Trinkets Graph and Mana Trinkets Graph.
    • Include Velen’s On-Use – Toggle for including Velen’s Future Sight‘s on-use effect in the Throughput Trinkets Graph. Toggle it off to make its bar smaller, allowing you to get a better at-a-glance comparison of trinkets.



  • Item Comparison – Use this when comparing two pieces of gear in the same slot. Use the +HPS Calculator if the items you’re comparing include anything in the +HPS Items block or the Equip Effect of Legendaries block.
    • When Copy/Pasting values from a cell that uses a variable, use Ctrl+Shift+V or Paste Special -> Paste Values Only to paste the number and not the variable itself.
  • Trinket Comparison – This is a more in-depth version of the Throughput Trinkets Graph, allowing various iLvLs and whether the trinket has a socket or not determine the value of two trinkets against one another.

User Weights

User Weights is a page added late into the spreadsheet’s development, but is integral to the spreadsheet as a whole. In the From Single Log block, you’ll notice the values of stats and relics before being normalized against Intellect and +1 iLvL to Sheilun. Those values will always be from the entered log, which is the Single Log option of the Which Weight? toggle. To add the weights to your average, select all the cells in the Range C4:O4, copy them, and paste their values (Ctrl+Shift+V or Paste Special -> Paste Value Only) into an empty orange row.

Using multiple logs of the same boss allows a better understanding of what stats/relics are better, or logs from different bosses will allow better overall weights for gearing decisions.

Notes/Caveats About Graphs

There are four graphs for quick comparisons.

  • Throughput Trinkets Rankings – The item level of trinkets are clumped together based on their source, and based on the difficulty from the Trinket Display Options block. Stat sticks are Trial of Valor  trinkets due to Helya being the one consistent source of high iLvL intellect stat sticks.
  • Mana Trinket Rankings – Again, based on the item levels from the Trinket Display Options block, but there are some caveats:
  • Neck Enchant Rankings – Very simple graph comparing all available neck enchants.
  • Legendary Item Rankings – Compares both the HPS gain from the equip effects with the stat gain, versus the stat gain of the piece of gear from the same slot in the Recommended Gearing Guide at Mythic difficulty. For rings and trinkets, they’re compared with the Ring 2 and Trinket 2, respectively.

Transferring From Sheet to Sheet

When a new update is pushed to the sheet and you need to make a new copy, the only thing you need to copy over is the data values from User Weights. This keeps you from having to enter in logs all over again. To do this, select the range C10:O19 and Copy it. In the new sheet, Paste the values (Ctrl+Shift+V or Paste Special -> Paste Values Only) and you’re successfully transfered. Any other values would be changed with new logs.

Video guide

If you’re still struggling, Peak of Serenity author Dhaubbs has created a fantastic video guide to using the spreadsheet

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