Mistweaver PvE: Artifact


Below is the standard path for Mistweaver’s artifact, Sheilun, Staff of the Mists. If you’ve deviated from this path in any way, DO NOT REFUND YOUR TRAITS. Refunding traits costs as much Artifact Power as it would take to get your next Artifact Trait, wasting Artifact Power. Just get back to it as fast as possible.

Part One

Pick up Sheilun’s Gift and Mists of Wisdom first and foremost to unlock the rest of the tree. Sheilun’s Gift generates its own stacks every 10 seconds while you remain in combat, and can be used at any time. If a stack were to generate mid cast, it would be used when you complete the cast. There are many ways to use this, but with 7.2 traits affecting it greatly, detailed use will be in the healing part of the guide. Mists of Wisdom is a flat 3% healing increase to nearly all of our spells.

Next, pick up Essence of the Mists for increased healing on Essence Font, one of our major raid healing spells, and then Spirit Tether to get to the rest of the traits, not so much for its effect.

Now, you can decide whether to go after Mists of Life or Way of the Mistweaver. Mists of Life turns Life Cocoon into a very powerful reactive cooldown, applying both Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist, both boosted by 50% as long as Life Cocoon‘s shield holds, as well as two Mastery: Gust of Mists hits from Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist, both of which are boosted by Enveloping Mist‘s healing boost. Way of the Mistweaver buffs Enveloping Mist‘s throughput, which is great for healing in dungeons, yet rather limited, but still useful, in raids.

Our first golden, The Mists of Sheilun, procs roughly once per minute and increases all of your HoTs, even ones applied after you gain this buff, for 10 seconds. When the buff ends, you heal all allies around you for 200% of your spell power. This will provide a sizable healing bonus to our HoTs, roughly 3%, which includes Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Soothing Mist, and the HoT part of Essence Font.


Part Two

After picking up our first golden trait, we’re going to focus more on raid healing, going up from The Mists of Sheilun and picking up Extended Healing for the increased duration of Renewing Mist. This works out to be a 5%/10%/15% increase to Renewing Mist‘s healing, while also giving more ticks per cast, leading to more Uplifting Trance procs per cast.

From there, we’ll work our way down to Infusion of Life, boosting the healing of Vivify, pick up Shroud of Mist for damage reduction while channeling Soothing Mist, and pick up Dancing Mists. Dancing Mists has a 10% chance every time you cast Renewing Mist or when Renewing Mist jumps to another target of its own volition to spawn a new Renewing Mist on a nearby target at its full duration. Definitely a sizable increase to healing, and not only through the increase to Renewing Mist healing. Each new Renewing Mist can proc Uplifting Trance for more Vivify healing.


Part Three

Pick up Protection of Shaohao on your way to Blessing of Yu’lon. Now, Blessing of Yu’lon is not only 30% of Revival added on over 6 seconds to everyone healed. It’s also boosted by traits like Mists of Wisdom or Mistweaving, as well as our Versatility, double dipping off of those healing boosts (since Revival also benefits those). Blessing of Yu’lon itself cannot Crit, but if the Revival hit on a player does Crit, then the ensuing Blessing of Yu’lon will effectively be doubled on that player.


Part Four

From this point on, the rest of the base tree (before the 7.2 traits were introduced) are very minor healing gains. Coalescing Mists buffs any Effuse cast, and Celestial Breath causes a cone of healing to 6 targets in front of your face every time you use Thunder Focus Tea. However, if you’re talented into Rising Thunder, Celestial Breath has a 30 second cooldown.


Part Five

Wrapping up the base artifact, pick up Light on Your Feet and Soothing Remedies in any order. Light on Your Feet causes full casts of Essence Font to give you a 30% speed boost for 3 seconds. With the amount of mobility already available to us as Monks, in addition to its short duration, this trait is not needed for Mistweaver functionality, but is needed to move onto better parts of the artifact. Soothing Remedies buffs our weakest spell, Soothing Mist.


Part Six

Mistweaving, the former trait to dump any extra Artifact Power into, is a flat 5% healing boost. In 7.2, any ranks past the first put into this trait will be refunded into raw Artifact Power to be used on the new traits.


Unlocking 7.2 Traits

After putting 35 total traits into Sheilun, Staff of the Mists, a quest will be available for you to pursue after opening up the Broken Shore. The Broken Shore: Investing the Legion has you kill mobs until an item drops, leading you to Investigate Bradensbrook.

After questing a bit there, you eventually make your way back Dalaran, where you receive A Gift from the Six, unlocking more traits for your artifact, as well as allowing you to put another rank into the current 3/3 traits.


7.2 Traits


7.2 Trait Order

After unlocking the new traits, and being refunded any Artifact Power spent past the first trait of Mistweaving, the following list is the order in which to obtain them.

  1. Mists of the Broken Temple
  2. Tendrils of Revival
  3. Effusive Mists
  4. Whispers of Shaohao
  5. Essence of the Mists
  6. Infusion of Life
  7. Extended Healing
  8. Way of the Mistweaver
  9. Coalescing Mists
  10. Shroud of Mist
  11. Protection of Shaohao
  12. Soothing Remedies
  13. Spirit Tether
  14. Concordance of Legionfall

One big caveat is if you have Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas. If you do, 4/4 in Infusion of Life will be you first trait gained after Mists of the Broken Temple. No other legendary has an impact on trait priority.

You want to pick up Whispers of Shaohao as soon as possible. With a recent hotfix, this trait has been made much more usable and should be on the top of your list. Every trait after Extended Healing has less and less of an impact on our overall healing, but is still needed to pick up Concordance of the Legion Fall.


We have numerous throughput relics, but only some are worth equipping, and are worth more than what they let on to be. Garg’s Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet has a built in Relic vs. iLvL comparison block, where the power of a relic on overall healing is compared to what the stat gain on Sheilun, Staff of the Mists.


When comparing relics, only two things matter: the iLvL the relic gives to Sheilun, Staff of the Mists, and the trait the relic gives. To properly compare relics, set up the spreadsheet to be as good as a representative as it can be of your own healing, and look at the relic comparison block. If a trait has a number associated with it, you add it to the item level the in game relic gives to Sheilun, Staff of the Mists. Compare the two relics now. The one that gives the highest iLvL to Sheilun, Staff of the Mists is the one you should equip.