Mistweaver PvE: Legendaries


Velen's Future Sight

Velen’s Future Sight is by far and away the best legendary available for Mistweavers. An on-demand 15% healing increase for 10 seconds on a short cooldown is great in its own right, but combine that with turning wasted (over)healing into effective healing for those that do need it, and this is one of the most powerful items in the game (even better than the expansion long requirement for Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji, with which Velen’s shares an effect).

When/How to Use It

This will sound oversimplified, but use it whenever you need a healing boost. Don’t macro it to anything, don’t sit on it to combo with another ability when you can get value out of it now, just activate it and heal people. It’s overhealing-transfer component should be seen as a safety net, since 50% of the healing is lost while being transfered. Trying to maximize that part will do you no good. Good spells to use it include: Chi Burst, Revival, and healing while Mana Tea is active for ridiculously efficient healing.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus is a legendary neck that has a well-balanced stat budget, while also providing a massive bonus to survivability, increasing a player’s effective health by 25% health every 30 seconds. Mistweavers are already one of the beefier healers with Fortifying Brew and Level 75 talents for the predictable damage in a given raid encounter, equipping this legendary kicks that up a notch, especially if it ticks over while Fortifying Brew is active, since it increases your health pool along with the damage reduction.

When/How to Use It

On fights where you’re constantly taking damage, this legendary really shines. Due to providing a reliable absorb shield, the threatening damage is made trivial and time can be spent on either mechanics or healing those without the shield. This primarily falls under progression raiding and early farm, where mechanics are still being learned and executed properly.

Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas

Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas are one of the best raiding-level Mistweaver-specific legendaries available. Increasing Uplifting Trance to 50% increased Vivify healing, as well as bumping up targets healed with an Uplifting Trance Vivify from 3 to 4, is a great and noticeable effect while healing. This legendary will lose some worth in Tomb of Sargeras due to dropping Tier 19 2 Piece Bonus for higher item level gear and newer set bonuses, but nothing to worry about; it’s still great.

When/How to Use It

When you run into a situation where Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus isn’t being absorbed every 30 seconds, this legendary turns that absorb from yourself into healing onto other players; meaning you sacrifice survivability to heal others.

Doorway to Nowhere

Introduced in 7.2.5, the value of Doorway to Nowhere varies wildly, as it is entirely dependent on your Essence Font casts, which already defines this legendary’s niche: constant group-wide damage. Having a chance on each Essence Font cast to Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane (even if the one from the talent is already out healing the raid, yes two Chi-Jis at once), this legendary gets better the more Essence Fonts you can cast.

When/How to Use It

On heavy AoE fights, Doorway to Nowhere is at its best. With the introduction of a perfectly itemised neck in Antorus (Vulcancore Pendant), Doorway can be a very strong legendary on fights where you don’t need the shield from Prydaz and are casting Essence Font as close to on CD as possible.

Shelter of Rin

Thanks largely in part to its large amount of Intellect, as well as being Critical Strike and Versatility heavy, Shelter of Rin is a good legendary to have. Its healing effect is a bit troublesome to use, although can be very useful during telegraphed group-wide damage, as you should already have at least 3 Renewing Mists out in the raid (not counting any from Thunder Focus Tea or Dancing Mists) and pre-casting Sheilun’s Gift so it heals its target as the damage is inflicted on the group for that healing plus Whispers of Shaohao healing.

When/How to Use It

There are better legendaries for group healing, but Shelter of Rin does invoke our Hellfire Citadel tier set a bit, in that we can clip a Renewing Mist cast at the end of Sheilun’s Gift‘s cast in order to specifically target one person with this effect. This does provide a bit of burst, especially since Sheilun’s Gift stacks are as common as Effuse casts (thanks to Effusive Mists).

Petrichor Lagniappe

Petrichor Lagniappe‘s effect is great in theory; Renewing Mist causes Revival to be better. However, the effect of a faster cooldown isn’t always better (outlined in this Mathweaving post). If you are unable to use Revival in the time between it comes off cooldown thanks to this legendary, and when it would normally come up, the effect is essentially nothing.

When/How to Use It

On fights with consistent burst damage, where healers are struggling to keep the raid up through it, more Revivals really shine, especially since it already has a lower cooldown than other healer cooldown thanks to Tendrils of Revival. However, I would advise not spending all Thunder Focus Teas on Renewing Mist, as the mana that could go into other spells would be better spent (unless you’re ahead on mana).

Leggings of the Black Flame

The effect of Leggings of the Blacks Flame, granting one of five Thunder Focus Tea augments in the form of a buff, varies wildly and is unreliable. As discussed above in Doorway to Nowhere, healers need reliability for an effect to be useful. And with Thunder Focus Tea augments being relatively weak (more healing on Effuse when over half of its output is in Mastery: Gust of Mists, casting Enveloping Mist instantly when it should be cast preemptively), the effect is made even worse, relatively. It’s saving grace is having a load of Intellect and useful secondary stats.

When/How to Use It

This legendary is paired well with Rising Thunder if you are bored and want to go for damage parses for Mistweavers, without feeling like detracting too much healing. Mostly use it for stats if you don’t have legendaries with better effects than this one.

Sephuz's Secret

Sephuz’s Secret increases base movement by 10% and Haste by 2%, which are increased to 70% and 25%, respectively, for 10 seconds if you manage to successfully Detox an ally, or affect an enemy with Paralysis, Leg Sweep, or Song of Chi-Ji. If you can manage to proc this effect on cooldown, this is one of the more powerful legendaries available to us. Outside of dungeons and specific encounters, however, this legendary is underwhelming.

When/How to Use It

Dungeons for certain, and raid fights that have either frequent adds that need to be controlled or have consistent dispells.

Unison Spaulders

Unison Spaulders looks around your current Soothing Mist target for another injured target within range to duplicate half of its healing to (so Critical Strikes on Soothing Mist boost Unison healing and healing boosts like Enveloping Mist also effectively increase its heal). If an applicable target cannot be found, the healing will go back to the player you’re channeling Soothing Mist on in the first place. In dungeons, this effect is nice if you want to recoup some mana after a trash pull while still wanting to do some healing, however minor. In raids this legendary is bad, as Soothing Mist isn’t really a spell worth casting over other, more effective spells.

When/How to Use It

Not a particularly great legendary, this does allow you to passively heal with Soothing Mist more effectively, and does have some synergy with Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher, but both legendaries aren’t great and should be swapped with something better.

Ovyd's Winter Wrap

Ovyd’s Winter Wrap causes each tick of Enveloping Mist to have a 50% chance to place the healing bonus of Enveloping Mist onto a nearby player, for the duration that the Enveloping Mist had when the healing bonus spread; meaning that as Enveloping Mist falls off the target you cast it on, all the buffs from this legendary will fall off as well. This is a great legendary in dungeons, as you make heavy use of Enveloping Mist and the group is smaller, allowing the buff to affect high priority targets, if Enveloping Mist isn’t already on them (Ovyd’s Winter Wrap and Enveloping Mist cannot be on the same target). In raids, due to the lower casts of Enveloping Mist because of mana constraints, its high overheal, and damage patterns in a given fight, this legendary falls down the ranking.

When/How to Use It

Dungeons are the best scenario to use these in. Raids are just too big a group size and too varied to get much value out of this legendary’s effect. As a rule of thumb, don’t cast an Enveloping Mist that would just be a large amount of overheal to try and game this legendary’s effect; mana is a precious resource for Mistweavers in all content.

The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge

While having no real effect on our healing, The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge does have Intellect and three sockets. Nothing else worth mentioning about this.

When/How to Use It

You have terrible luck. I’m sorry.

Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher

Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher takes every tick of Soothing Mist (and Unison from Unison Spaulders) and counts them in a stacking buff, Collidus the Warp-Watcher’s Gaze. For each stack in this buff, your next Life Cocoon is buffed by 3% per stack, up to a maximum of 150% (50 stacks). With the Mists of Life artifact trait promoting Life Cocoon as a reactive cooldown instead of an absorb’s typical place in preventing damage, this legendary just goes to protect and injured player from taking further damage and increasing the duration of Life Cocoon so its HoT boost effect remains longer for the Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist from Mists of Life.

When/How to Use It

If you need Life Cocoon‘s bubble on cooldown in a set rotation for saving tanks or another single target, and need it to actually absorb a hit instead of playing to its strength as a reactive cooldown, that would be the time to use this. As it stands in Legion thus far, that just isn’t something that’s happened.

Soul of the Grandmaster

A new legendary in 7.2.5, Soul of the Grandmaster is an overall monk-specific legendary, conferring the bonus of a specific talent, allowing two talents in a row to be run together. For Mistweavers, it passively grants the Mist Wrap talent from the level 45 talent row. Since the other options on that row are mana saving/refunding, this legendary is worthless in Dungeons, and since Enveloping Mist is rarely cast in raids due to its overhealing, the only real benefit this ring provides in raids is a mobile damage reduction from the Shroud of Mist artifact trait. However, due to the already considerable tankiness of Mistweavers from Fortifying Brew and Level 75 talents, as well as spells we are able to cast while moving (Renewing Mist and Essence Font), this aspect is not worthwhile either.

When/How to Use It

There’s only one niche that this fits into in raid encounters, heavy sustained single target damage patterns, which is incredibly rare. However, with the current Tier 20 two piece bonus lowering the mana cost of a majority of our Enveloping Mists cast in a raid, the value of Lifecycles in Tomb of Sargeras is weakened to where this combo just isn’t worth it.

Best in Raids

Following the above descriptions, the best legendaries for overall raid use is as follows:

Best in Dungeons

Following the description above, these are generally the most useful M+ legendaries to have: