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What’s the deal with Drape of Shame?

As of patch 7.2, the effect on Drape of Shame has been reduced to 5%. This means that Drape of Shame is no longer head and shoulders above every other cloak in the game. However, with the introduction of M+ Kara, there will be options for higher level Drapes. To find out if your cloak is better than Drape, plug the stats of both into this spreadsheet made by Moistweaver of ScrubBusters.

Where can I find a Pawn string for MW?

Short answer is that you can’t. Your stat weights are personalized based on your current gear and stats. To find your own personalized stat weights, use Garg’s spreadsheet.

Why do so many MWs have Essence Font as their top spell? It’s super expensive and feels like it doesn’t heal much.

Essence Font is one of the great misunderstood spells. Its high mana cost puts people off using, but it’s often one of our most efficient spells in terms of healing per mana spent. If you’re trying to heal raid-wide damage, you are much better off using an Essence Font than trying to spam Vivify or other heals to cover the damage. Don’t believe me? Run some logs through CheckMyWow and the results might surprise you!

Which talents should I use on X encounter?

MWs tend to have less flexibility in talent choices than some other healing classes as some talents just are not suited to raiding environments. You should use your own judgement and understand why you take certain talents. Check out our guide to MW talents.

What are our soft caps?

We don’t have any worth pursuing. Just get as much of your top stat as you can.

What neck enchant should I use for raiding?

Ancient Priestess

Now I’ve got the fourth golden trait, should I be using Effuse?

Well, yes and no. Effuse is now worth using as a filler as it generates Sheilun’s Gift stacks which can be used for AoE healing via Whispers, but don’t focus on using it above your other spells. Effuse casts should still be fairly low in number over the course of a fight.