PeakofSerenity Site Guidelines

Never done this before, so bear with me. Copying a lot from BlizzardWatch, some word for word, so any credit goes where credit is due. I’m including a lot of the things I’ve learned over the years of writing articles, many of which I learned the hard way. I’m sure I’ll add things as I think of them or they come up. Let me know if I’m missing anything.

Page vs Post:

  • Pages are for more permanent information: talent guides, encounter guides, etc.
  • Pages should be maintained and updated when information changes
  • Posts are for fleeting information or opinions: Theorycrafting, PTR updates, etc.
  • Posts that are outdated or overwritten by a newer post should be changed to say so at the top. Trust me, its easier this way.
  • Pages shouldn’t have comments, Posts can have comments, be sure to enable them for any post you want



  • You don’t have to use a Table of Contents if you don’t want to
  • A page left without the Divi Builder defaults to having a Right Sidebar
  • This includes the Table of Contents widget which auto creates a TOC
  • Page needs at least two headers of any size to generate a TOC.
  • If you use the Divi Builder, you’ll need to add the sidebar widget yourself
  • You can use as many or as few Divi modules for your article as you want, as long as its viewable and understandable by the reader
  • It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks to you if no one can read or understand it
  • A “Featured Image” is recommended for the post header


  • If it can be linked to Wowhead so that the tooltip shows up, it should be linked
  • This includes items, spells, NPCs, and more
  • Links can be set to open in a new tab. Not required, but recommended
  • Exceptions are text that appears white like potions and food (at least until the background color is changed, if ever)


  • Articles and pages that pertain to one spec should have a title that clearly states what spec its about
  • Titles should be capitalized as if they’re the name of books and articles, just like you were likely taught in schools
  • The title should clearly state what the article is about, if they can’t understand the title, they wont read the article
  • Be concise, if you can describe the article in 3 words, then make it 3 words, if it takes 5 then so be it. Not a sentence
  • If you’re doing a series of articles on the same topic(s) dont do “Windwalkers in Legion: Part 1”, “Windwalkers in Legion: Part 2”, etc. Give them specfic names “Windwalkers in Legion: Managing Energy”, “Windwalkers in Legion: Managing Cooldowns”
  • If the article has time sensitive things, like PTR and theorycrafting posts, include the date or PTR build


  • Images that are not informative shouldn’t be the main thing on the page, the information should be
  • All images should link to their image source page, and be shown at less than full size on the page as a reference



  • Posts should be free of spelling mistakes and in English
  • British/America English doesn’t matter, just be consistent
  • No Slang, swearing, racism, any other scumbaggery
  • Capitalize any: Races, Spells, NPCs, Classes, Specs, Talents, Abilities
  • Use the Oxford Comma “I’m going out to dinner with my parents, Taylor Swift, and Chris Metzen.” NOT “I’m going out to dinner with my parents, Taylor Swift and Chris Metzen.”
  • Be consistent with acronyms. If you’re going to say AOE, then don’t also say AoE
  • Explain acronyms first: include that its Area of Effect (AOE) the first time you use it
  • Anything WoW related can be abbreviated, but be sure to explain the abbrevation first
  • Avoid using acronyms if you can. “Mists”, NOT “MoP”, “Wrath” NOT “WotLK”.


Staying Current

  • If a page or post is outdated, it should say so in big bold letters, preferably red
  • It never hurts to add a changelog to a guide, or do a post about making a bunch of changes to guides
  • If you’re going to post things about PTR changes, the faster the better. If you’re going off of incomplete information or will do more testing later, put that in BIG BOLD LETTERS at the top of the page and be sure to then follow up with a new post or editing the first.


Facts vs Opinions

  • Facts should be stated in a “professional” manner.
  • Opinions can have jokes or puns, or whatever you want
  • If you’re going to provide your opinion in a post/page that includes facts. Be sure to clearly state which is which.



  • Posts should end with some reference to supporting the site “If you like the content that I, and the others at PeakofSerenity provide then please support us through Patreon and PayPal. If you have any questions you can ask in Discord.”
  • Try not to post two things for the same spec on the same day. You can use the schedule function to spread them out.