Windwalker Monk Guide Test 1


Welcome to PeakofSerenity's Windwalker Monk Quick Guide test page 1. This guide is designed to be a basic, quick guide for Windwalkers with just the information you need. For more in-depth, advanced, information follow the links to those pages. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

This guide has been updated for Patch X.X.X and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


For all situations:

For more information on why these choices are the default choices, see our Windwalker Talent Guide. (INSERT LINK)


DPS Priority

Windwalkers operate on a priority system, NOT A ROTATION. This means that you use whatever ability is available that’s highest up in the priority. For more information on how priorities are generated, read Babylonius’s Understanding Priorities article.

Single Target

  1. Touch of Death
  2. Tiger Palm ( if <4 Chi and about to cap energy)
  3. Rising Sun Kick
  4. Fists of Fury
  5. Whirling Dragon Punch
  6. Strike of the Windlord
  7. Blackout Kick (to dump excess Chi)
  8. Chi Wave
  9. Tiger Palm

Blackout Kick! should be used before using Tiger Palm again but after any ability with a cooldown. This doesn’t change with the t21 tier bonuses.


Multiple Target

  1. Touch of Death
  2. Fists of Fury
  3. Whirling Dragon Punch
  4. Strike of the Windlord
  5. Rising Sun Kick (ONLY if talented into WDP and ONLY to enable using WDP)
  6. Spinning Crane Kick
  7. Blackout Kick (to build Spinning Crane Kick stacks)
  8. Chi Wave
  9. Tiger Palm

Spinning Crane Kick moves up the priority based on how many targets you’ve tagged with Mark of the Crane. See this article to learn how to use it.

Flying Serpent Kick can be used in place of Blackout Kick for AOE, if you don’t need to build stacks, in order to allow back-to-back Tiger Palm to generate maximum Chi.



Chi Wave (Prepull) -> Tiger Palm -> Touch of Death -> Storm, Earth, and Fire + Rising Sun Kick (same GCD) -> Energizing Elixir + Strike of the Windlord (same GCD) -> Fists of Fury -> BoK! (w/t21 4pc) -> Whirling Dragon Punch




Agility > Mastery > Critical Strike > Versatility >> Haste

Stat priority can change for your character depending on your current gear and stats.

For a better understanding of how stat weights and priorities work read our Stat Weight page (INSERT LINK). To find the best stat weights for your character, use SimCraft or Raidbots.



Follow the stat priority for your character





The best trinkets available in Antorus, the Burning Throne are Golganneth’s Vitality and Shadow-Singed Fang.

To choose between what trinkets you have available, use SimCraft or Raidbots. If you’d like general “rankings” for trinkets based on simulations, use HeroDamage or BloodyTools.






Currently all races sim within 1.5% of each other. The added utility of Blood Elf’s Arcane Torrent can be useful at times. Other than that, pick whatever race you prefer.



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