UI out of combat

Out of combat

Combat+Raid frames

In combat, with some raid frames (shows groups 1 through 5)


Current WeakAuras

These show the bulk of my UI, a simple elvUI setup with few WeakAuras at the moment.
I disable Bags and Chat from ElvUI (I’m happy with Bagnon and Prat).

Main Addons:

ElvUI (Profile: http://pastebin.com/VXDACQWy)


Exorsus Raid Tools

Big Wigs


I’ll tweak my WeakAuras very often to keep only the relevant information; I’m a big fan of using colors in my WeakAuras: changing an icon/progression bar from green to red when I enter pandemic timers; getting an icon to change color when certain spells are lining up.
This allows me to use as little attention to dps related stuff as I can because noticing those changes with 0 focus on them is actually easy. This also prevents my color blind brother from playing with my UI.

Fancy Roll weak aura: not my creation, not practical but I used it back when chi torpedo was a thing; credits to Djoine for amazing graphics
Coldnyte’s last used ability: if you don’t have this, get the latest version. Coldnyte’s done a crazy good job of both tracking last used ability and hitcombo; useful for so many things!
Serenity: an example of a simple weak aura changing colors during serenity’s last 1.5 seconds for specific Fists of Fury timings

Minor Addons:


Prat 3.0