Il’gynoth, the Heart of Corruption

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We will attempt to keep these guides updated with any new tips and tricks that we, or others, discover. Check back from time to time if you’re looking for more tips.

Icy-Veins  |  FatBossTV  |  WoWHead

[/cs_text][x_line style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][x_tab_nav type=”four-up” float=”top”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Basics” active=”true”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Surviving” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Mythic” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Advanced” active=”false”][/x_tab_nav][x_tabs][x_tab active=”true”]Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Energizing Elixir, Whirling Dragon Punch, Chi Burst.

Windwalker very easily deals with this fight on Heroic/Normal modes with it’s very high mobility and it’s ability to dps very effectively on AoE with Spinning Crane Kick while keeping strong cooldowns (Fists of Fury, Strike of the Windlord) for priority targets like Corruptor Tentacle/Dominator Tentacle.

Depending on the needs of your raid, burst AoE the bloods when they are in position or use them to stack up Transfer the Power to have an easier time clearing Corruptor Tentacle/Dominator Tentacle.

Windwalker will efficiently navigate with different sides of the fight, use Touch of Death and other cooldowns to get free damage on the Nightmare Horror (tank add) while not giving up on anything on the rest of the fight.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic

Diffuse Magic will help cleansing the debuff if you get hit by a Nightmare Ichor during fixate (saving your healers precious mana); it can also help when things get dangerous, specially when taking random damage while soaking on Mythic.

You’ll want to keep your cooldowns for intense phases; very few things can actually burst you down but if you somehow end up targeted by Mind Flay while focusing a Corruptor Tentacle and have nothing up it could get messy. Be relatively conservative with your two defensives.

Make smart use of your mobility to dance around Ground Slam or bait them into empty zones; remain behind tank add when around it.

You can set up a Transcendence before phase 2, to the side of the boss (behind where the Corruptor Tentacle usually spawn) and teleport there from the inside; this allows you to port out of the boss at the last second without risking dealing damage to anyone.

Leg sweep affects Nightmare Ichor; it can make your mates life way easier. This can make a huge difference if it allows a healer to stand and cast for a bit.

Careful, if you handicap twice a Nightmare Ichor when in it’s melee range, it’ll usually turn back on you and melee you. This will not be appreciated on Mythic![/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: Serenity

On mythic progress this is a whole different fight.

Unless specifically assigned to it, this is not an AoE fight; Nightmare Ichors should die to passive cleave from hunters/multidotting. AoEing them too much is likely to be an issue more than anything. You still have crazy tools to deal with it if required.

Because of the type of damage required (2-3 priority targets cleave, single target burst), Serenity to be flat out better in this boss.

Diffuse Magic works as a dispel here, removing the debuff from Nightmare Ichor melee hits. This can come in very handy when soaking Death Blossom.

Transfer the Power really shines here: you can make use of down time while Nightmare Ichor are getting cleaved to keep up 8 stacks of Hit Combo, stack up Transfer the Power to 8 and obliterate any target that pops up.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]You can obviously do crazy amounts of damage by timing your Fists of Fury to nuke Nightmare Ichor by packs of 4 – 8 as they pop. However for once, this tab will be about getting the most damage on the most relevant targets

Here is a sample of my timings last time around:

-00:18 Prepull Chi Wave on self
-00:09 Prepull Flying Serpent Kick into nothing
-00:02 Tiger’s Lust self/other melee
-00:01 Chi Wave boss, roll in

Opening sequence
00:00 Touch of Death, Energizing Elixir
00:01 Serenity+on use trinkets
00:01 – 00:10 Proceed to opening Serenity rotation
00:10 drop Transcendence on the side you were and roll to the next priority target; it will come handy in 10 seconds if Corruptor Tentacle spawn on this side

01:15 There should be some downtime around here if you’re not focusing bloods down, keep transfer the power up.
01:25 Horror should spawn, use Fists of Fury as it gets placed by tank, dps it for a few seconds, hold on to Serenity
01:30 Serenity comes up right as Dominator Tentacle/Corruptor Tentacle spawn next to Nightmare Horror; get one crazy 3 high value targets AoE Serenity
02:00 Touch of Death/on use trinkets should come up; during downtime where you only need to focus down Nightmare Horror you can chunk it down a lot
03:10 You should get one last good use of Serenity on tentacles around here; don’t use Touch of Death again.
04:45 – 05:00 Get transfer the power and chi up, have Hit Combo ready to come in to phase 2 as prepared as you can

Phase 2: come in with all your cooldowns, preferably on use trinkets really help on this fight having damage when it matters and not when Nightmare Ichor are the only thing up.

You should be able to do very high damage with Touch of Death, Serenity, on use trinkets, Potion of the Old War on top of each others.[/x_tab][/x_tabs][x_recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ offset=”” category=”Ruhye” orientation=”horizontal” no_sticky=”true” no_image=”true” fade=”true”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]