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We will attempt to keep these guides updated with any new tips and tricks that we, or others, discover. Check back from time to time if you’re looking for more tips.


Icy-Veins  |  FatBossTV  |  WoWHead

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Straight forward single target boss; your mobility will carry you to victory once again, use it all. Survival is key, many things can and will kill you if you’re not paying attention to them.

In particular, good Transcendance timing is important. You can use it to get back into melee range after having to run out and again to get back out if needed and both locations are safe.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: Healing Elixir or Diffuse Magic

Position well: never in front, never behind boss, never too packed. Boss has a HUGE hitbox.

Phase 1: be quick to dodge Infested Breath, should be easy. Don’t be too packed on melee: the AoE pulse doesn’t hit too badly but try to avoid getting Infested stacks when you can on Heroic/Mythic.

Phase 2: Only things that can kill you are the Corrupted Vermin exploding and the Infested Ground moving. I encourage you to meet your tanks in front of the boss as this phase begins, they usually have a “safe spot”. I also encourage very highly to be far from the boss/anyone during this phase. It makes it much easier to see what’s going on and when Corrupted Vermin grow. Boss has a huge hitbox!

Transcendance makes it very easy to drop puddles at the right spot then teleport back to the boss. This is probably safer than teleporting out in case someone dropped a puddle on your spirit![/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: No changes

On Mythic people who get too many Infested stacks will get mind controlled through Infested Mind. You can very quickly burst them down with your cleaving tools.

For the rest, remains a straightforward fight except you have to be very careful with all that was said before.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Be aware that some of these tips may be dangerous and result in you getting yourself, or others, killed. We’re not responsible for any negative reaction to you attempting to do some of these tips.

Be aware of kill timers. The only damage you can grind is by knowing ahead exactly how many Serenity/Touch of Death you’ll get. If you don’t delay anything, Serenity/Touch of Death will only line up again after 6 minutes. In Heroic kills, it is often advised to delay your 4 minutes Touch of Death till 4:30 with Serenity for instance to line those up one last time.

Storm, Earth, and Fire is very decent for this fight; it’s flexibility is worth a lot when dealing with mechanics.

On Mythic, for scumbagging dps, getting damage phase 2 seems to be the best way to cheese Touch of Karma without getting mind controlled.

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