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We will attempt to keep these guides updated with any new tips and tricks that we, or others, discover. Check back from time to time if you’re looking for more tips.

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Your typical single target fight. You hit a big bear to death, pop defensives at the right time and move on. Mobility is valuable here, place Transcendence around.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: Dampen Harm; can’t stress this enough!

The first mechanic to watch out for is the Nightmarish Cacophany damage. It will be weak early on but will grow out of control quickly. It should pretty quickly become large enough to break stacks of Dampen Harm!

When soaking Focused Gaze at lower HP, keep in mind you have Dampen Harm, Touch of Karma, and a healing potion.

On Heroic/Mythic, be quick to move out after each Nightmarish Cacophany, avoiding ticking damage for the spreading Miasma zone.

Dampen Harm at the right timing really helps a lot compared to Healing Elixir. Your healers need to keep everyone topped before each charge; taking excess ticks of Miasma will make this fight a nightmare for them and possibly get you, or others, killed.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: No changes

You can precast Dampen Harm before the fight; it’s stacks will get used by Nightmarish Cacophony so you might want to delay it still; make sure you get the most out of it during the fight.

You can Touch of Karma right after you get bumped yet before the impact hits; this will bump you back up to full by the time the charge is over, either through Good Karma or raid cooldowns, and is more efficient than using Touch of Karma ahead.

Serenity is extremely good here. Sure, you can cast it close to on cooldown to avoid lining it up with Focused Gaze but it’s likely way stronger to delay it a few seconds for it to line up with Nightmare Image, at the cost of no casts over the course of the fight if you’re intending to kill it shortly before enrage.

[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Be aware that some of these tips may be dangerous and result in you getting yourself, or others, killed. We’re not responsible for any negative reaction to you attempting to do some of these tips.

Make sure you place Transcendence whenever you have a free GCD in rotation. It can come in handy if you need to run from a Focused Gaze and come back instantly. Refreshes frequently since the boss is likely to move a lot on Heroic/Mythic.

As long as you can, avoid being in front of Ursoc for parries, only get in position when Focused Gaze comes up.

If you’re in second soaking group with Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred, you can soak first group and take second Focused Gaze with the debuff for a big Touch of KarmaDo not attempt on Mythic.

For an example of dps timers, check Mythic tips.[/x_tab][/x_tabs][x_recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ offset=”” category=”Ruhye” orientation=”horizontal” no_sticky=”true” no_image=”true” fade=”true”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]